Okay, just to get everyone caught up:
I now work at the Cambridge RE/MAX office. It’s nice, but I’m now on the road or working from home more than I am in the office. I have a few bank owned properties that take up a lot of time right now, and have me running all over the world. I would love to work with some REAL people, so if you know anyone, let me know. (Mora is still an area I’m frequently working in, just out of a different office.)
Nick and I are twelve weeks pregnant as of yesterday. VERY exciting. So many changes. To be able to say I’m only eight weeks til I know if it’s a boy or girl doesn’t seem so far away anymore!
I spend very little time around people, due to working from home and dealing with vacant properties. Please, PLEASE, if you have a spare lunch hour or ANYTHING, let’s meet. I am going crazy by myself day after day.
Wedding is being planned for September 2009. I’m verifying dates with my photographer, officiant, and a few of the locations for ceremony and reception that I have considered. We shall see what date works best.
Nick’s job is going well. 2008 will bring some changes, 2009 even more, but they are mostly good, and should be fun.
The horse is doing great. I think she gets kind of lonely now that it’s winter, and it’s dark when Nick gets home from work. He had her out today though, and is going for a ride tomorrow. I’m kind of jealous.
I am now teaching piano lessons a lot more at Encore. So if you or someone you know is interested…. let me know.
I’m having a real hard time picking out boy names. Anyone have any good tips?
I get really tired because I can never sleep, due to the fact that I have to pee every five minutes.
Does anyone have a really good electric blanket? I bought one at Target and had to return it because my side stopped heating up, and now the one I exchanged it for is doing the same thing. Also, has anyone tried heated matress pads? I’d like to hear complaints or things you liked.
I need to sleep now, but hopefully that updated you on some things


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