King Sized Beds

I seriously loved my bed… until tonight.
A king sized bed is just too big for one person, no matter how many cats and dogs want to sleep with you.
It makes me want to cry. Am I a big baby, or what? I can’t deal with Nick being gone for one weekend?
Shawn says that I should enjoy this time, because I may never have it again… or at least not for a long time. I think that maybe I just am not the type of person that wants to be alone… much less can handle it very well.
I actually came home just after ten. I had dinner at my parents, where we watched some submarine movie. I normally wouldn’t be interested in such a movie, but it was better than being home alone, you know?
Anyway, I’m really hoping my sleep number doesn’t let me down, and as soon as I sink down onto the mattress, I have fifteen minutes before I fall asleep. I do not miss my futon, where I would be wide awake for hours every night. I don’t think I realized why, but now I realize how uncomfortable we were. I’m so excited, because I really think this bed is going to carry me through this pregnancy well. (And the future pregnancies!)
17 weeks tomorrow… ultrasound on March 4th…. so excited….


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