The Double Footed Kick

So I had my ultrasound yesterday, which was very cool. But I learned something very quickly.
How it felt when the baby kicked.
Then I learned more.
What the “double-footed kick” feels like.
Let me tell you, when he gets a little bigger, it’s not going to be pleasant.
We literally watched him (quite a few times) pull both of his feet back, and then WHAM!, he would slam them against his home as hard as he could.
I definitely realized the difference while I was there.
So I’m lying here tonight and I can feel the party going on. I can feel the occassional kick or punch, but I have felt a few double-footed kicks tonight, too.
And this morning.
And last night.
I have come to the conclusion that he figures he and dad will have more fun lighting things on fire if I’m not around to stop them, so he’s trying to kill me by kicking me to death – internally.
However, I’m proud to announce that I think my baby will be walking exceptionally soon, since he’s getting such a good leg workout already! (LOL)

I’m just praying he skips what Nick used to do, and doesn’t wrap his toes around my ribcage and then throw himself back and stretch as far as he could…


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