Hilarious Animal Story

Since it was a beautiful day, I let Harold and Haagen Dazs out to play this morning.
About a half an hour later, I was walking by the window, and I glanced outside. There was a deer walking out of the woods on one side of our mound. I watched, standing still. She was in the northwest corner, and behind her was a baby. Aww. I love seeing things like this!
At the southeast corner of the mound sat Harold. His ears moved, his tail twitched, and he looked toward the opposite corner. He saw the deer and immediately hunched down. His tail began twitching furiously, his ears back, and he began to crouch towards his “prey”. (What a dreamer!!!)
The doe, catching the movement on the other side, walked a few steps forward, and began to stomp her foot into the ground repeatedly. I thought I heard her snort, even!
Harold slunk further forward. The deer took a few more steps. Before I knew it, his tail was still twitching, she was still stomping, and they were in plain view of each other. All of a sudden, they both charged, running toward each other at full speed. I nearly threw up, not sure how this would end.
Just before they ran into each other, Harold jumped into the air, flipped around, and ran the other way. It was a really sweet move!
They continued to stare each other down, and sometimes they would move toward each other. Eventually Harold gave up, and he came back up to the house and sat on the doorstep. But it was quite possibly the most hilarious animal experience I had ever seen… I just wish I could have gotten it all on camera. I do have a couple pictures, which I’ll probably upload tomorrow, but this was after the main show.


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