Last Day Of Childbirth Class

Nick and I left town early to run errands in Cambridge before class started. We started at Wal-Mart, and then hit Target. Standing the baby section of Target, I had been hurting pretty bad for a couple hours with what I figured was Braxton Hicks. I was getting more miserable quite quickly, and I finally ended up looking at Nick and saying “I need to go out to the car.”I laid in the seat on my left side and tried to relax. After about ten minutes I told Nick to head over to the hospital. We were 45 minutes early for class, but I went in right away. I headed into the clinic and went straight for my teacher. I began to explain what I was feeling, and then I started crying. She tried to calm me down, got a wheelchair, and called up to maternity and told them that I was contracting. We went to ER and got me admitted, and up we went to the fourth floor. The exam room (which I’m terrified of because it’s so small) was full, so they threw me in a birthing room. I got all hooked up to monitors, and I was there for nearly two hours. It wasn’t fun. It seems that as I lied there I calmed down, and with the calming the pain was subsiding. I finally was released when class was about half over. Nick and I finished class, and then talked with the teacher a little. I was so thankful that our teacher was so fantastic, and so were the nurses and ER staff. Nick did great, telling me everything was going to be fine. Despite the circumstances, it was a good experience. So I’m supposed to take it easy. I’m hurting pretty good today. I usually am not bad in the morning, but am miserable all afternoon. I’m thinking I’ll be leaving the office early today…


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