I’m So Mad!

Okay, not that everyone will understand this, but I need to vent, and I can’t do it on my real estate blog, because the jerk off might see it. So here we go!
About a week ago a lady that I have talked to for over a year off and on contacted me about a few cabins located in the Mora area. She wanted to see them, and went on to mention that she had looked at buying a house in the metro but that she really wanted to be out of the cities and in the country.
I asked her right then and there if she was working with an agent, to which I got a response like “Well, I was, but I’m not anymore.” After further reassurance that she wasn’t working with anyone, I set up the showings.
She met me up here on Friday, at the first cabin. The showing was going really well, and she said she thought she was going to write an offer. I said “Well, I have paperwork with me. If you would like, we can fill it out here or at my office.” The response was classic. “Oh, well, I have an agent in the cities.”
“Are you under contract with this agent?” I asked right away.
“Well, yeah, I signed a buyer’s rep agreement.” Kill me now. “But I talked to my agent, and he said he’d do a referral.” Okay, so that’s better than nothing.
So we went our separate ways. She immediately emails me with more questions, and so it continues. I emailed her agent immediately when I get back to the office, and he didn’t respond until the next day, and of course he said “I NEVER AGREED TO PAY ANYONE ANYTHING.”
Okay, so you send your buyer up here to see THREE cabins, which he admittedly knew she was doing, and then write the offer without paying out? I don’t think so.
I’m not sure if she, he, or both have played me, but I’m madder than hell. It’s not like it was my listing and I’m going to get paid no matter what! Now he’s mad at me, and she’s still emailing me. He’s threatening to turn me in if I talk to his client again, saying I never should have, and I’m like “Dude, don’t send her up here to see properties with someone else then!” and “maybe you better explain how agency works, because she keeps contacting me!!!” I’m so tempted to turn HIM in, especially since he called at 9:45 tonight! He calls when he KNOWS that no normal person would answer.
The worst part is that I want to smack this dummy around. His client comes up here to see a property and he doesn’t explain agency to her at ALL apparantly, so she’s blabbing about financing and financial situations and blah blah blah blah blah. She’s writing an offer on a Northern Lights listing. Hello, people, guess what? I have an obligation to the seller because I work for NORTHERN LIGHTS. So now everything she’s told me I BY LAW should be sharing with my sellers.

Stupid asses. ARGH.


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