Top Ten Things I Learned In Ollie’s First Month

10. Hand washing bottles sucks, but I CAN do it every day.
9. Formula REEKS, dude.
8. How to avoid getting peed on.
7. Mothers have an abnormal obsession with poop, and you can’t help it.
6. Trust yourself. Even if you’ve only had him for three days, you will know better than anyone if something is wrong.
5. Small victories, like getting the baby to sleep on his own, seem like the most amazing accomplishments in the world.
4. One month can seem like 30 seconds, and then it’s gone.
3. The whole lick-your-finger-to-clean-their-face thing is instinct, not a learned habit.
2. I can do ANYTHING.
1. I love Nick, and he loves me… more than we ever could have known.


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