Because My Baby Blows My Mind…

Ollie had his two month doctor visit yesterday. And I’m still in shock.My little moose weighs SIXTEEN POUNDS! Can you believe that?   He is 26 inches long.He is in the 99.75 percentile for his age. Which, to those of you who don’t know, means that he is bigger than 99.75% of the kids his age.Yet, when they do the height/weight combination, he is at 37%. To explain that to you, 50% is perfectly proportioned. Anything less than 50% means he’s longer than heavier, and anything above means he’s heavier than longer. So he’s not fat. He’s just a big ol’ tall boy.In real life prespective, I went to Mommy & Me on Monday, and there was this (ADORABLE!!!) 10 month old boy running around there. He came running up to see the baby when I got there. I pulled Ollie out of his car seat and stood him up, and he was about 1/2 an inch shorter than the 10 month old.I don’t know where this kid came from, but I secretly do hope that I get one baby out of the future kids, instead of just giving birth to toddlers…


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