Ollie’s Three Months Old, and He Can…

Okay, so as of yesterday Ollie was 12 weeks old. So you may ask, what can Ollie do now?
Well, let’s start with what he could do when he came home. Ollie could…
-Sleep 5-6 hours at night
-Eat 24 ounces of food in a day
-Hold his head up long enough for tummy time
-Weighed 9 lbs. 7 oz.
-Was 22.5 inches long
-Wore 0-3 month clothes

Okay, so what can Ollie do now?
-Jump in his jumper like no one else
-Stand assisted, and take steps on his own
-Sit up nearly unassisted
-Mock two words – “hungry” and “hi”. He doesn’t use them in context, they are just randomly thrown out there. For example, I went to get him out of bed the other morning, and was greeted with “hungry hungry hungry hungry….” over and over and over. (Although that time I’m pretty sure he was actually hungry…)
-Has totally mastered the “g” sound, and frequently goes off on a “goy goy goy goy goy” repetition
-Babbles in long statements
-Has a million and a half facial expressions
-Sleeps 9-12 hours at night (He IS my kid!)
-Sucks his thumb to calm himself down
-Grabs things, pulls things, throws things
-Wears 9-12 month clothes the majority of the time
-Weighs 17.5+ lbs plus
-Is over 27 inches long
-Uses fast nipples for eating
-Eats cereal
-Downs 8-10 ounces immediately in the morning, sometimes on top of a little bit of cereal

So, as you can see, Ollie has changed quite a bit in 3 months.
Maybe next time I’ll actually have a BABY, instead of a toddler.

P.S. My back is killing me from carrying this kid around.


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