Blargh. I Am Dead.

I’m exhausted. Considering I didn’t do that much today, I’m not quite sure why.
Going to the office on Saturdays is weird. This morning in particular I woke up at 8:30. I didn’t set an alarm, because Ollie IS my alarm, but because he was up late last night, he slept late this morning. I made a mad dash around the house and somehow managed to pull up next to the office 2 minutes to 9:00. Good job me. I looked a little ghetto, but seriously, who cares?
Anyway, I immediately open the back door to get the baby. But there is no baby. I experience a moment of terror, where I wonder if I left the baby home by himself. Then I remember it’s Saturday, and Nick is at home with him.
I smile, and say “Wow… I’m Ollie free!” I walk into the office feeling light as a feather. I plop down at my desk, get my computer set up, grab the phone, and settle in for my floor time.
Half an hour goes by. I blog, answer emails, do some paperwork. Then I realize I’m bored.
I want to talk to someone.
Play games with someone.
At least hold pointless, one way conversations with someone who thinks I’m entertaining.
Being Ollie-less blows.
I read about midwife careers some more. I blog on Active Rain, which I haven’t done in AGES. I play with photobucket. (Still trying to find a good photo sharing site.) I play some music on
I get virtually no work done. I mean it. Really.
Pat calls to mention that he bought stuff for our “consumer book” of listings. I find it, place it on my desk, and go back to doing nothing.
I just feel kind of lost without my little dude.
Am I alone in this? Or do others feel this way, too?


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