Chronicles of A Full Time Mom/Real Estate Agent

I seriously need to write more. I have two things I have always enjoyed doing – making music and writing, and I do neither anymore. So this is going to be my attempt at writing. Eventually I hope to get back to novel-type writing, to perhaps become wealthy by “doing nothing” except weaving tales of laughter onto paper.
Ha. Like that will happen.
Anyway, my life is kind of passing me by, and it has changed so much in the last few months that even I am left wondering what happened. I spend all day every day with Mr. Oliver (as his doctor refers to him), who is very high maintenence. We talk. We sing. We play games. We jump. We have tummy time. We play with our gym. We eat, and eat, and eat again. (He’s eating approx. 50 ounces a day to all you mothers with bottle feeders.) He’s about 18 pounds now, and when I’m sitting and he’s standing, he comes up to about my eyes. My kid is going to be sooooo much taller than me.
We have the occassional funny story, which I should really be writing down. Like about two weeks after he was born, we went to Walmart, and we were pretty sure he pooped. (Why do I get excited about poop????) Nick volunteered to change his diaper, and I wasn’t going to turn down that offer! Off to the bathroom they went.
About 15 minutes went by, and I was starting to get worried. I was on my way to the front of the store to see if I could find them, and Nick came rushing from the back looking as mad as a hornet. I stopped and said “What’s wrong?” He hands off Ollie and says “Take this kid”. He proceeds to tell me his story.
Nick went into the family bathroom and go Ollie all set up on the diaper changing station. He removed Ollie’s diaper, and pulled out the new one. He accidentally dropped it on the floor, so one hand on Ollie, he bent over to pick up the diaper, and all of a sudden his back felt wet. Ollie proceed to pee ALL OVER Nick. He was soaked. And mad. I couldn’t help it. I nearly died with laughter. Then I bought him a new shirt.
Or the time Nick was playing airplane with Ollie and Ollie spit up in his hair.
Or the time that Ollie managed to wet and poo in his clothes while I was out showing houses, so he had to be naked until I could get to Pamida to buy him an outfit (which was ridiculously expensive.)
Ah, our little monster.
But what about me?
I’m still working. I got out of the hospital and was immediately working. We ran over to Pine City to do a cash for keys (CFK), which essentially means that we offer money to people who are still living in a foreclosure for them to leave the appliances and leave it clean, therefore increasing our sale value. I was successful, and they moved out and left the place clean.
Side note – if you are ever facing foreclosure, there are two things I think everyone should do. Put your house on the market. Seriously. We can work with the banks to take less than what you owe. If we sell it before the redemption period is up, your credit takes much less of a hit than if you just let it go. And when a real estate agent shows up on your doorstep to offer you money to move out, you can negotiate and ask for more, but TAKE IT. Seriously. You will NOT make that much off the the appliances on Craigslist. Don’t believe me? Go look at how many appliances are there, and how dirt cheap they are.
Anyway, so I essentially kicked people out of their home less than 24 hours after my discharge. And it didn’t stop there. Showings that week, more bank owned tasks… and I’ve been running my tail off since. The hard part about bank owneds is that they are SO MUCH WORK! You’re constantly running out to them to take pictures, winterize, rekey, vaccum, etc. It’s not easy money, but it’s about the only money to be made right now.
Anyway, as most of you may know, I still haven’t decided what I want to be when I grow up. Well, I hadn’t. I think I may know now – or at least have a good idea of a nice stable job that would make decent money. I’m thinking of becoming a midwife. It kind of makes me giggle – the thought of me spending 6 years in college. But at the same time, it is a good job, good money, and overall a positive experience. And I think I would be good at it. Not that I’m bad at real estate, or that I don’t like real estate. I think all of us are assessing how we are living right now with the economy being so poor right now. Even in six months, I went from listing bank owned properties and selling them in a month to listing bank owned properties and them not selling. Last year I sold houses to people and they were happy. This year I’m kicking people out of houses, then listing them and selling them as is, which then results in buyers who sometimes end up with houses with problems. Of course the agent is blamed, or at least partially blamed, because we were involved. What people forget is that there is a reason we recommend inspections. We’re not home inspectors. Or contractors. Or engineers. We don’t know what that crack is, why the furnace won’t work, or even if the pipes have been frozen or not. Selling bank owned properties is simply no fun whatsoever. I make money, yes, but it’s not very much, and it will be years before I can call myself a bank owned agent. There are quite a few locally who only do bank owneds and have been for years. The banks like them, they know people… it works out well. But I’m getting more.
The midwife thing is something I’ve been researching pretty heavily in the last few weeks. My experience with my midwives was excellent. And I’ve gone from low confidence to “Holy Crap! Did you know I can give birth to a 9 lb. 7 oz. baby? All by myself???” I’m kind of amazed at the whole process. How you crash between contractions and take mini-naps that realistically last like 2 minutes, but it feels like so much more. The joy, the elation… the psychology of it is amazing, too. The tears, the adreniline… it’s amazing, it really is. I’m sure people have heard that before, but I was hugely impressed.
I won’t quit real estate. I still love it, and I love to help people, so if I were actually to go through the nursing thing, I would definitely be able to sell houses. I know some people really expect me to go get my broker’s license this winter, since I’m eligible, but I’m not sure there’s much point. I could do it just to say I have it, but I’m not starting my own real estate business right now.
Nick and I have done a lot of talking, trying to figure out where we want to go. Nick’s ultimate dream is to own a farm, and I’d love to get to that point. I’m terrified of it with my current career, though. No steady paychecks? I can’t budget at all, and he’s pretty decent at it, but not having a pay check every two weeks does terrify me. Whereas if I was a nurse, even with just the two year degree, my income alone could potentially support our family, and his would be the extra money. (That’s what I am right now… extra money.) However, Nick now says he would love to be a real estate team someday. Well, we need a better market for that to happen! And he’s said before he didn’t want to do that. I don’t think he knows what he wants, either.
We’ve talked about him going back to school, but he keeps insisting now that he wants to “teach me to fish”, and wants me to have a chance. He said he had chances to go to and finish school and he at least has credits. Logically I think he’s the one who should go, because he could easily finish up a degree, but whatever.
The biggest issue I have in my way right now is my previous student loan. I have a loan from going to Pine Tech in 2005 (I withdrew, we didn’t have the money for me to drive back and forth, and I started a job that wasn’t working with the college schedule I had already set up.) that is a government loan, but being a total dick about all this. They are upset because I don’t make regular payments (Well DUH, I don’t have a regular paycheck!) and they want me to pay it off before they will clear me for more federal student aid. It’s partially my fault, because I honestly haven’t really tried to pay it off or anything… I’ve made small payments here or there, but I figured it didn’t matter. Sometimes I get in a mood where I figure that I’m never going to get anywhere or do anything with my life, and so why bother worrying about paying down a student loan quickly? It’s not like I’m going back to school….
If only I had known.
I owe $2,200… so I’m hoping one of my bank owneds sells before January, so I can pay it off and qualify for federal aid. In the meantime, I’m still turning in apps and doing all the scholarship worksheets. I guess since I’m “old” I qualify for special “old people” scholarships, too. Wow, doesn’t that make me feel good.
Ug. Stupid loan. I’m like “But I want to go back to school” and she’s like “well you can’t – you need to pay this off” and I’m like “DUDE. DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND? I WANT TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL SO I HAVE A JOB SO I CAN PAY IT OFF.” Stupid *&^%$%^&*.
Gus gets confirmed tomorrow. My Aunt Julie is coming down to surprise my mom… I’m so excited. I want to be here to see my mom’s face.
Ollie’s teething. Oh how fun.
I guess that’s a look inside my life for now. I think I’ve probably rambled on enough that this may qualify for a novel, although not a publishable one, but at least I’m warmed up and letting things flow. I should do a writing exercise every day. Time to bust out “Bird by Bird” and “How To Write Chic Lit” and get my writing groove back.
P.S. I’m crampy. You know, I went for a year and two months without having a period (sorry if there are any guys reading, I’m sure it’s TMI.) and I am NOT excited to be back to that. It makes me feel like running out in the street and demanding instant impregnantion, or just ripping my ovaries out. I haven’t decided which.


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