Feeling Blah

Eh. I’m having one of those nights. One of those nights where I look at friend’s profiles on facebook and myspace and find myself feeling down about myself. It’s no one’s fault but mine, I do know that. I just sometimes wish I had done more with my life. I have this horrible fear that someday Ollie will be asked what his mommy does, and he’ll be one of those kids that says “nothing”, or something like that. Especially the way the market is going.
I’m feeling pretty insecure about my career. It’s quite obvious that we are oversaturated. I talked to my mom about it tonight, and she thinks the government will fix things to get people back into homes. The only way I can see a major turn around occurring is if the government erases everyone’s credit history and we all start over again and can get loans and mortgages and stuff. Ha. Like that’s going to happen. So many foreclosures, and from what I understand, it’s like 4+ years of perfect credit after that before you can qualify -and that was last year. Now that standards have tightened up more, it’s not good.
It’s also frustrating because last year was my first year in the business. I have more closings this year than I did last year, but last year I made more money. This market is not good for making money. Most of the agents left either were smart enough to save when they were making money, or are just “hobby agents”.
Oooff. I do not want to be referred to as a “hobby agent”.
A college degree never killed anyone. And it doesn’t mean that I can’t continue selling real estate. I just have to keep telling myself that.
I can be an interesting person, too…. right?
I need sleep.
Or FB bingo.


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