Reasons Why Ollie Needs A Sibling

(This is my own selflish list, just so you know, and some of it is jokingly. Okay, well, not really, but still…)
1. I hate bleeding 1 out of every 4 weeks.
2. I miss eating Hardee’s three times a day and still losing weight.
3. My fingernails are beginning to break again
4. I didn’t have to worry about “looking fat” in clothes, because I was supposed to!
5. I miss being warm.
6. I’m getting muscley now, but just imagine if I’m carrying Ollie and a baby in my belly!
7. Maybe if I have two I won’t have to hide at home just to be able to hold my baby.
8. I hate having two weeks out of every month where it looks like a warzone on my face from the breakouts.
9. My belly wasn’t flabby, it was rock hard.
10. My skin complexion blows now.
11. Now I have saggy boobs.
12. I liked it when I couldn’t eat hardly anything because there was a baby taking up all the room where my stomach used to be.
13. Nick bought better toilet paper, because I had to pee constantly
14. Not having to buy feminine hygenie products saved us loads of money
15. I think, overall, I was a less angry person. Although I’m not as bad as I used to be. But the hormones made me happy.


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