Happy Halloween…

Boy, was Halloween not as fun as I wanted it to be.
Ollie is fantastic, and of course, adorable in his little frog outfit.
I worked floor Friday afternoon, while terribly sick. Nick was sick, too, but he had stayed home from work. So Ollie stayed home with Daddy, which made it possible for Mommy to do all the fun work she had to do, like insist that a clients earnest money be returned immediately, work on an offer, and work on some listing paperwork. I got it all done! Yay me!
Because my mom’s birthday was the next day and I still hadn’t gotten her a present, (Yeah, really. I do this all the time.) Nick came in at the end of the “work day” with Ollie, and we were going to head down to Cambridge. After much debate, we opted to attempt that trek the next morning, if we were still alive.
We purchased a frozen pizza, and left town.
We stop at my parents house, and knock on the door, announcing with our half gone voices “trick or treat!” as we hold Ollie out in front of us. I’m still sporting my oh-so-cute Happy Bunny Halloween shirt that lights up and says “Give me all your candy and no one gets hurt.”. Mom got a picture of me and Ollie. I look dead.
We receive a grocery bag full of candy, and then a few comments about how Auntie Rose would really love to see Ollie in his costume. We leave Nick’s truck at my parents, and trek east towards good ol’ Brook Park. We knock on Rose’s door, which results in even more candy, and then head home.

Once home, we took a couple pictures for ourselves. I love the ones of me and Ollie, because I really do look like I’m knocking on death’s door. Nick refused pictures altogether, because he hadn’t brushed his hair and was already in pj’s. (I was in yoga pants, in all fairness, so it’s not like I was all dressed up, either.) This was the best one out of the 500 Nick and I took. I gave up. It appears that the cake/snicker salad/junk food binge from my brother’s confirmation and the days following has hit my face. However, the scale read great… until today. Argh.
10 pounds in 2 days is horrible. However, I am sick, I am mindlessly eating, and it’s all salty stuff. Sooooooo…. I’m thinking I’m retaining some water. Perhaps if I live through this, I will get off my tushy and Ollie and I will get back to working out together.
Anyway. Ollie fell asleep around 8, which is right on for him. We crawled into our sleep number after making sure he was comfy, his room was toasty, and that no cats were hiding under his crib. And then we passed out. I didn’t even play facebook bingo! You KNOW I’m sick when I don’t play facebook bingo!
I was not a great sleeper that night. I kept waking up just enough to hear things, but not enough to control myself… do you know what I mean? I’d wake up and moan, but I couldn’t stop the moan, couldn’t control it, and would pass right back out immediately afterwards. Nick tossed and turned, coughed and hacked. At 4 AM we were both awake, and decided to go sit in the tub with the shower running to see if that would help. It did…. we eventually made it back to sleep.
Yesterday we did our running, although the whole day was made possible courtesy of Theraflu. I can’t take NyQuil/DayQuil, because one of their ingredients makes me feel like I have something crawling all over me. I don’t know why. Anyway, so the Theraflu cough syrup doesn’t have that lovely ingredient, meaning I can actually feel somewhat better.
When I first started feeling sick, Nick offered me cough syrup and I immediately said, without even thinking “I can’t take that.” He stared at me confused, and I said “Oooooh! I’m not pregnant anymore! And I’m not pumping anymore!” and ripped it out of his hand.
So there is one plus to not being pregnant. I can take cough syrup. And I like it. Note to self when feeling the overwhelming desire to be impregnanted.

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