Seriously Kanabec County?

Kanabec County voted no on the tax amendment.

Okay people. I am poor. Really poor. I don’t really have “spare money” floating around. HOWEVER, after seeing and hearing about all the damage that is going on in the lakes and rivers around here… O….M…….G. Seriously? Knife River is SO polluted from McVay farms and other local ginormous operations, that people living near the river are literally drinking cow poop out of their well. Snake River has serious erosion problems, and some problems are so bad that the river is trying to re-route itself…. which could take some houses with it. Have you swam in Pomroy? Boy is that water nasty. Everyone bitches about the blue-green algae, which is a result of pollution and lack of native plants to buffer and regulate the water. BUT YET YOU VOTE NO!?!?!?!?!

Looks like it will pass, though, which is good for the lakes, rivers, and our drinking water, and of course good for Nick’s job. His job will most likely continue, and possibly flourish, now that there is direct funding for him.

I suppose people think it’s some kind of conspiracy about the water being polluted. I read 8 comments on, and 6 were against the amendment. STFU people. “I don’t know about you, but my water tastes fine”. Yeah, well, you are probably on city water, and guess what? You can have a pretty good level of poop in your water before you taste it.  So seriously? Some people are so ignorant.

I guess I deal with water tests all the time, though. So perhaps I see the issues more than others.

God, sometimes I want out of here so bad…


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