Obama Won, Get Over It

Yeah, so I’m back to blog a little more and piss some people off.

If you read my blog about election results, you know that I wasn’t really sure who I was going to vote for when I sat down with my ballot. I was pretty neutral on the whole thing.

Well, now it’s over and done with. Obama won. And I have heard so many comments and seen so many awful pictures, cartoons, and emails that it makes me want to cry.

I’m the first to admit that I think Barack has little experience. I feel that he and Sarah Palin were probabaly about equivilent on that level. I did not do a lot of research on the subject – if you know different, I’m sorry.

Obama is definitely an awesome speaker. But, in all fairness, speaking does not equal doing. And the president can only do so much on his own… remember the whole judicial system?

So while there are those of you out there endless bitching over the fact that Obama is our next president, does it really do any good? Just how you say, like I just did, that speaking and doing are two totally different things… do you think your endless whining does any good for anybody?

Do a few things.

Get off your ass next election and campaign for what you believe in. (I love the comments about how Republicans don’t believe in sharing the wealth or welfare, but some of you would rather sit on your tush and CLAIM you did something (like vote for McCain!) while someone else installs a McCain sign in your yard…)

Learn to deal. Maybe party lines will be crossed now. We can hope, right? If we all fight and bicker so much, what will get done? NOTHING. Just like when the judicial system fights and bickers because he’s Republican or she’s Democrat… NOTHING GETS DONE. Tell your representives about your issues. Make your voice heard.

Get over the past. It can’t be changed. Do you really think that if you complain enough someone will step up and say “Oh, I had no idea that you felt so strongly. We will put McCain in office… JUST. FOR. YOU.”

Also, while you may not agree with our new president on some things, I think everyone should be able to accept that this is an amazing time, where we have proof that ANYONE can become president, even if they didn’t grow up rich, no matter what color they are, and who knows… a woman might be next.

I guess I just want to see everyone move forward, constructively, and if we move forward, the country will, too.

So now I’m done. You will probably not hear any more from me regarding elections. Now we just wait and see….


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