Just Another Manic Monday… Again

What a day. Wake up, feed Ollie, play with Ollie, answer emails. Pack up for a long day.

Ollie and I jump in the car and head towards Hinckley. On my way, I figure I’ll stop at a lovely house that I kicked people out of approximately a month ago.

I apologize now if I use too much “real estate-ese“, like “BPO” and such… I’ll try to keep it plain English.

So I am driving up, and I see a sign from the distance. I get a little closer (not close enough to read it) and I recognize the shape and color. Williams and Williams auction service.

Pretty sure I’m going to scream and puke at the same time.

For whatever reason, the bank cancelled the listing process about two weeks ago, leaving me and my asset manager hanging with no reason as to why. At that point I had done a BPO in May of 2007, was assigned the property about a month after, and have been driving by this particular house once a week, every week since.

Yeah, it blows to have to drive by a property every week to see if the people who were living in it randomly decided to move out.

Anyway, last month they moved out, handing me the keys while their kids were crying. This house has had so much emotion, it’s not even funny. I have pronounced every time I’ve been out there that I hate my job. And I don’t really hate my job, just hate when it sucks. Like in those situations.

So I pull in. The auction company, being the jerkoffs that they are, have signs and fliers inside… and my lockbox is still on the door. Seriously? Are you kidding me? I enter the code and walk on in, mostly just to be mad that I can. Fliers are all ready to go – the auction is on the 18th.

I get back in the car. I simmer while Ollie sleeps over the fact that all my REO’s are going to auction in the next two weeks. I wonder if the ones that I make money off of will sell, and hope that the ones that I won’t (this one and a home across from Rush Lake) don’t.

Speaking of auction properties, we’re on our way to Moose Lake to do a BPO on one! (BPO – Broker Price Opinion. We basically go to the property, take a million pictures, send that to the bank along with the comparables for what has sold, and give them a rough idea of ideal price range.)

I get to Moose Lake to the mystery property. I’m expecting a cute little house in town. Not even. It’s a 4-plex, commercial, right in town. I’m stunned. Going to be a longer trip up north than I thought. There is a lockbox on the front door. It will not open.

So I call my asset manager, who has no idea what the code might be. He says he’ll find out and call me back. Ollie wakes up, and am waiting for a call “right back”, so I drive the streets of Moose Lake to calm him down. (He sleeps in the car, until 30 seconds after it stops.) I even spend some time with one hand on the steering wheel, the other one reached back behind me with my pinky in his mouth.

Thanks to modern technology, I pull up the MLS on my good ol‘ Blackberry. Now that I know it’s actually multi-family, I find a listing in the MLS. No WONDER I couldn’t find any record of it before!

I call the previous listing agent and leave a message. She calls me back, and then my AM calls me back. The code works, but on a lockbox on the back door. Hmmm… wonder where the front one came from.

I walk into the main floor middle apartment. It’s more like a showroom, or a dance studio. Although it’s not perfect by any means, I can see some serious potential there. I can think of a million good ideas. It could be great commercial with rentals, or take some walls out and make it all commercial. A book store! It would be TO DIE FOR!

Ollie and I wander through, taking pictures. I’m sure people passing by thought I was nuts, wandering around the building with a baby on my hip, bluetooth on my ear, and a camera in my hand. Oh well.

Get done there and hop on I-35 to Finlayson, then take 18 over to 27. Yup, I’m headin‘ to Isle.

There I do a drive by BPO (take a picture from the road.) of a beautiful looking house right on Mille Lacs lake. Have a mini-stroke and hope and pray that if that does actually go through the entire foreclosure process, the bank will list with me. (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.)

I then drive by another one of my auction properties in Isle. No signs still. I give up. Apparently they just don’t care about signs up in the boondocks. I guess I didn’t expect them to appear overnight or anything, but I still had high hopes.

Then back to Mora. Office, then a showing, then back to office, and then to Milaca for a final walkthrough. Ollie by this time is crabby, hungry, and even more crabby.

We head back home, and by the time we get there it’s 7. Ollie eats (Ollie ate very little today. It was less than 24 ounces. I’m concerned.), plays, whines, plays, watches TV with Nick, and then begins his whiney ritual. That’s when I know he’s tired and needs to go to sleep. Every night now he gets to that “too tired” point, and he starts going “ooooooohhhhhhhh” over and over, while squinting up his face into these horrible sad faces that make you want to cry. I caught on quickly. If I do the same thing, he ends up falling asleep. If not, he works himself up and is screaming his head off in no time. So every night, I cradle Ollie and rock him back and forth while we cry and moan and groan until he either falls asleep, or calms down enough that he starts sucking his thumb or will be mesmerized by his mobile. Then I place him in bed and say goodnight. Tonight he was still pretty awake when I put him down. It was 10, and he’s normally in bed between 7 and 8, so it was late for him. (He slept bunches today in the car, though.) I turned on the mobile and his eyes got big, and I knew I was off the hook. I heard some moving, some half-hearted whining, and then silence. Yay!

So that was my day. I leave you with Ollie, who was tired of BPO’s at this point, even though we had just started this one and had another to do.


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