Laughing At Ollie

Ah, it’s morning. That fun time where I have no energy (I’m still sick), and Ollie has enough for both of us.

Right now I’m eating breakfast, which consists of chips and dip. Yeah, I know, that’s not breakfast food, and certainly not a meal. I’m sick. I don’t really care. Unless it can be made in 5 minutes or less, I’m not interested. I thought about making a couple eggs, but then I wouldn’t have any for egg drop soup, which I’ve been craving but didn’t want for breakfast.

Anyway, we’re missing the point.

I’m sitting here with Ollie on my lap, munching on the occasional chip, and every time I bring a chip towards my mouth, he opens his mouth anxiously. He’s so funny. I don’t think so, Ollie!

In other Oliver related news, yesterday I attempted to put his shoes on him when we were leaving. He wore them last Thursday, but in that short amount of time his feet have grown enough that I couldn’t even pretend to get the shoes on his feet. Those are 2.5’s. I’m thinking I might want to consider 4’s. We’ll have to look at Target tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’m going down to Cambridge to meet with an advisor at Anoka Ramsey. I’m kind of nervous. I have all these emotions. Doubt in myself being number one. Then the realization that if I do go back to school, I might have to leave Ollie for more than 4 hours, which is the most I’ve ever been away from him. I know there are some moms out there who are either hating me right now, or are saying “big deal, get over it”, but it’s different, and it’s scary. Nick has the whole “we’ll work everything out” attitude. It’s funny, because normally I’m the one that rushes into things and deals with the plan later, but apparently not about school or marriage.

Ick. Chips are disgusting for breakfast, and are hurting my throat. I wonder if we have ramen.

Boy, is Ollie changing fast. I just put him in his Johnny Jump Up, and he let out a HUGE squeal and started jumping like a maniac. He’s so fun anymore. He wants to walk around all the time (hard on my back, but still fun.), he loves his jumper, he will stop crying when he hears a bottle being shaken… just so much has changed. The things I really love to experience every day:

  • “Good morning Ollie!” every morning, where he then squeals, kicks and flails his arms around like crazy, and then starts talking. This is usually followed by his weak attempt at the word “hungry”, which sounds like “ungee, ungee, ungee, ungee, ungee, ungee“. I’m pretty sure he has no clue what he is saying, but it’s funny because he actually is.
  • Cereal and applesauce. He doesn’t like his peas at all…. so we’ll try carrots soon.
  • Night time. His pitiful cooing when he’s tired always makes me laugh. I do worry that we are starting a whining habit, but then I look at it like he’s not necessarily whining, but trying to sing. When I coo along, he calms down and continues, and we coo together, usually following a pretty consistent pattern.
  • “I’m Gonna Get You” Nothing makes him squirm and smile like a threat…
  • The LAUGH. I live for the full out laugh. The “ha ha ha ha ha” one. I get lots of “ha”s and smiles, but when I get that laugh, I just melt. I hope no one ever tells him that crying might not get him his way, but his laugh will.
  • The “mom’s holding me up so I’ll jump move” He just started this. He loves to walk around, but now when I’m helping him balance, he likes to start jumping like he’s in his jumper. Goofy dude.

It’s funny, because simply daily things can stop you in your tracks and blow your mind. Watching him grow is just the best thing ever.

Do you blame me for not wanting to miss a day?

In other news, Ellaina’s mom (Ellaina was born August 6th, so a week after Ollie. And they really like each other. They have some pretty good conversations. And “Ellie and Ollie” sounds soooooooooo cute, doesn’t it?) Anyway, Sandra is starting a photography business, and wants to use some shots of Ollie as advertisement. How coolio is that? Ollie’s going to be a model!

Boy, a model is one thing I never expected to have in a kid of mine.

I have a closing today, wrote an offer yesterday… it’s a good week so far. Working on an offer for one of my sellers too. Just finished some crazy BPO’s, too. Money is flowing….

Anyway, Ollie’s falling asleep, which means I need to jump in the shower and wash bottles. What an exciting life I lead!


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