Shy Little (Big) Ollie

I might love this story for all time. At least I laughed.

Went down to Cambridge today to talk to an advisor, which is a whole ‘nother subject. Afterwards I met Shawn for lunch at Joe’s Grill on old Main. Shawn, Ollie and I sit, and Shawn is talking to Ollie, and he’s smiling and having a good time. Being SUCH a good boy.

The waitress comes over and drops off menus. She was super nice, just so you know. Anyway, she leans down a little and says “Hey little guy” to Ollie.

Ollie stares for a second.

And then he screams. The loudest scream I’ve ever heard from him! (And I’ve heard some pretty good screams. Not gonna lie, my kid has serious lungs – has from the beginning!) He buries his face in my chest and cries and screams, and I’m trying to calm him down. All of the other people in the restaurant are STARING. I can’t help but kind of giggle, and at the same time feel sooooo sorry for the poor girl, who looks terrified and completely embarrassed. I keep telling her it’s okay and apologizing, and of course the “regulars” start poking fun at her. Poor Ollie! Poor waitress!

Anyway, I’ve vaguely started to notice the shyness. It’s hard, because Ollie sees a lot of people on a regular basis. He isn’t afraid of anyone in my office whatsoever. They pass him around like a sack of potatoes. He isn’t afraid of anyone in my family in general, unless they look different than normal. (My mom had her hair down one day last weekend, and he started crying. She put it up and he was fine. Then again, he’s always been kind of scared of Grandma’s hair.) The other day his “girlfriend’s” mom was in the office when we got there, and she said hi to him and he started crying and screamed a little then, but not like today.

I thought I read that shyness doesn’t begin until around 5 months. Does anyone else have any experience with this?

Shawn stared, and once I had Ollie calmed down, just said “Wow, I’m glad those days are over.” LOL.


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