So Yeah, Now I’m Obsessed

It started so innocently… I checked out the book “Baby Catcher – Chronicles of a Modern Midwife” at the library. Now I’m a giant puddle of emotions, thoughts, desires. I’ve finished that (excellent) book, and moved on to yet another book, “Born in the USA – How A Broken Maternity System Must Be Fixed To Put Women and Children First.” Boy, am I glad I used a midwife.

So now I’m in even deeper. I’m addicted to these spontaneous, always different birth stories. I’m passionate about a woman’s right to labor wherever she wants with whoever she wants. I’m caught up in the changes that have been made in labor and delivery, and the changes to come. My experience was excellent, and I so want to spread that cheer.

This is still a huge leap of faith, though, and sometimes I have trouble processing that. I worked as a real estate receptionist before I got my license. I knew what the job entailed, what it was about. I can’t take a sneak peak of this job. I can’t go stand in some woman’s L&D room (without getting arrested, anyway), to experience this before I do it.

I wonder if I could get a home midwife to let me come with, if a patient agreed.

Or perhaps one of you friends who are popping out babies should call me when you go into labor. They say women make the best coaches….


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