My Hair Is Falling Out, And Other Updates

Number uno on my list, I just have to say congrats to Alison and Jeff for their beautiful baby girl Evalynn Mae (God I hope I spelled that right… pretty sure I did…), who was born at 1:15 AM on Thanksgiving. Talk about something to be thankful for! I look at the pictures and I tear up with joy. This in itself blows my mind.

Secondly, my hair is falling out. Constantly. In large gobs. And I know all of you moms are nodding your heads in understanding, but HOLY COW. It just doesn’t seem to stop. I am tempted to save the globs of hair that come out in the shower for a wig for someone. I can’t even take a shower without ending up COVERED in long strands of hair. I’m excited at the prospect of my wanna-be ‘fro thinning out, but seriously? All at once? Someone give me some prenatals and some willing sperm, because being pregnant was wayyyyyy better.

Wait, no. My hair was a crazy, dehydrated ‘fro then. Never mind. At least not for the hair’s sake.

Went out on Thanksgiving Eve. Had a good time, yet felt distanced, and sometimes like an ass. I remember one semi-intoxicated point where someone asked me why I would want to be a midwife. I responded “Why WOULDN’T you? You get to catch babies! And listen to their heartbeats! And see happy mommies!” Perhaps I’m trading a career in large life events for one even bigger. I like to change lives – instant high for me. And I’m not a millionaire, so I can’t go around buying houses for poor deserving souls. So I’ll just have to deliver their babies instead. 🙂

A few funny looks from people. Mostly tons of comments on the adorable-ness of my baby. Yeah, I know. 🙂

Ollie is going to do his “photo shoot” in January. I’M SO EXCITED. He will be about 6 months old then… crazy. And some of the shots will be with Ellie, too. Then someday, when they graduate, we can say “HA! You knew each other before you even properly figured out how to poop!” Okay, well, that’s an exaggeration. Ollie figured out pooping a few months ago I guess. Funny how babies just don’t really get the whole pooping thing for a while. No one tells you that. You just assume they know how. Then they are screaming their head off, and you’re reading about it, and somewhere, in tiny little letters that take up half a sentence that lovely piece of literature informs you that your little bundle of joy has no idea what’s wrong with him, or what to do about it. Then, for weeks afterwards, you sound like a labor coach every time you are convinced your baby has to poop. “Come on, push down! You can do it! Don’t forget to breathe!”

Okay, I exaggerate a little. But it’s true.

Even the other day, I knew what Ollie was trying to do, but it just wasn’t happening. New foods in his diet leave him pretty unpredictable, and kind of constipated. So I’m helping him “walk it off”, using gravity to our advantage. I’m coaching him to push. Nick walks into the house from work and says “Why are you coaching my son in childbirth?”

Yeah, well, they are kind of close to the same. Although I’m pretty sure I’ve never pooped 9.5 pounds before…

I’m getting so frustrated with Anoka-Ramsey already. You have a million (okay, 150-200) pre-nursing students, and you don’t offer enough of the pre-req courses, even. I’m checking the openings 5+ times a day, hoping and praying someone drops. UMD was not this bad. Sure, some of the courses I wanted were full, but I watched them for like two days and they’d open up. This is just getting insane. And I didn’t get to take my math placement, because Nick didn’t make it home in time. So I need a babysitter so I can get down there to do it again. I need to get it done ASAP, so I can snatch up an opening in Interpretive Chem if there ever is one.

Also, in more college news, I requested a transcript from UMD the other day, and the next window pops up and says “cannot fufill request due to hold”. So I click on the holds. They want a freakin’ exit interview. THEY HAVE BEEN ISSUING MY TRANSCRIPTS UP UNTIL NOW. All of a sudden they want to know why I left? So I need to figure out if they will do it over the phone, or if I have to drive up to Duluth just to get them to send a transcript to SCSU. It’s totally worthless, I withdrew. But whatever. I can view my grades… maybe SCSU will just take that. So I have some phone calls to make. Anoka Ramsey has it on file, so I KNOW that they have sent them out. Pine Tech got one, too! Crazy a-holes.

I can’t sleep. It’s nearly 4 AM. I need to open the office tomorrow at 9. What is WRONG with me!?!?!?!?!

My favorite picture from Thanksgiving Eve. Katie F. found it necessary to get even with me for the bathroom picture I took of her last year. I am fully clothed, in case you were wondering. She just reached over the stall and snapped the picture right after I closed the door. And I don’t really look as wide as a house, so that’s always a plus.


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