Ollie Update, and Oh What A Day.

I’ll give you the whole rundown of my day. Why not? You know you want to hear it.

Ollie had his four month appointment today, which of course means another round of shots. I wasn’t excited, because last time I started bawling, and Nick was with me. This time I was going alone. I was determined to be strong, though.

Just when I was ready to leave home, I got a very exciting email saying that a property that went to auction last week didn’t sell, and I was going to get to list it. You have no idea how happy I was. This particular property I know I’ve mentioned before – I’ve been driving by it for the bank (unpaid) for like a year and a half. It’s excellent that I have the chance to possibly break even on all the money spent running up there every week.

The drive was decent. Ollie slept. I stressed, fantasized, wished that the spring semester would just START already, because the sooner it starts, the sooner I will be off to grad school, which is horribly exciting in itself. I read a lot on the Frontier School of Midwifery last night. It’s almost all distance learning, short of like two weeks I’d have to spend in Kentucky (not consecutive.) If you have midwives working locally, you can ask them to be your practicum leaders. How awesome would it be to work with Susan and Rhonda?

Anyway, got to CMC, and headed inside. While sitting in the waiting room, a pregnant girl and her significant other walked by the waiting area. I couldn’t help but smile. Other than Ollie, that was the one sincere smile today. I can’t wait to be a midwife.

We played all kinds of games while waiting. I did chest lifts with him, we played with Spongebob and his keys, he pretended I was his jumper, and we played peek-a-boo. It was really nice to have 10 minutes where I didn’t have to worry about a phone, laundry, dishes, bottles, or anything else… it was just us. Got in, answered all the developmental questions, and meanwhile Ollie was super hyper because he had slept the whole way down. So while I answered questions, I paced back and forth, letting Ollie walk the room. I must have looked like a nutcase.

We got the clear for 2nd foods, still introducing one thing at a time. Unbelieveable. He weighs 19 lbs. 13oz, so he hasn’t gained hardly any weight. (Last weight was a month ago, 19 lbs. 8 oz.) However, he’s grown like an inch and a quarter. The nurse said he was probably working it off walking around all the time. 🙂 Amy and I discussed Ollie’s sleep habits, and she politely informed me that I may want to avoid mentioning them to other mothers with infants, because I may get beat up.

Then it was time for shots. Jessie held Ollie down herself, and I just leaned down next to his head and talked to him. The first stab he looked confused. The second he started to cry. The third he turned purple and let out his famous blood-curdling howl. She band-aided him, and I whisked him up and into my arms. I bought a bottle into his line of sight, and all woes were forgotten. My kid likes food.

We waited for 20 minutes or so until Amy could come back and check me out. I’ve had a headache for seven days, and my migraine medication isn’t doing anything except temporarily dulling the pain and making me sleepy. We determined that there’s something going on on my left side, because those pressure points hurt the most. So I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing on my left side that is causing those issues. She thought it was a combination of extra stress/tension on the left side and postpartum hormonal changes. She also recommended that I visit with Susan or Rhonda and switch my birth control. So I made an appointment with Rhonda for next week.

Off to Target to pick up the muscle relaxant I’m supposed to take every night for a month to try to relax. Shopping is such hard work now. I pull into the parking lot next to a cart corral. I take a cart and set up Ollie’s seat cover. Then I place a couple blankets on either side, his diaper bag hangs from the handle, my purse shoved inside the cart somewhere. Then, finally, I add Ollie who I cover with a blankt and play peek-a-boo with until we get inside.

So we’re cruising the store, and I’m walking down the center aisle. I see another couple coming straight at me. He’s pushing the cart, she’s walking in front of it. She looks right at me – we make eye contact. I know she can see me. Right when we are about to pass, she suddenly dodges right in front of me, hitting my cart head on. I stopped, shocked, and began to apologize. She GLARED at me, (even though I honestly did NOTHING wrong!) and then turned to her husband and started angrily signing, and he was signing back, and they kept pointing at me. I have no idea what that was all about, but I got out of there quickly. Either they were calling me names that shouldn’t be said aloud anyway, or they were plotting my death. It certainly did not seem friendly, and certainly more than a little odd.

God, I wish I had stayed in ASL.

Anyway, it wasn’t a pleasant experience, but I went on my way. Got to the pharmacy and they had my old insurance information. Gave them my new insurance, and the computers for my new insurance were down. Paid cash, because I needed that muscle relaxant, and I only had two days of birth control left. I love Ollie, I loved pregnancy, but I’m not ready for another one.

On that note, I would say I’m now officially to the point where I just can’t comprehend how you have room in your heart to love another one. It’s very strange. I love Ollie SOOOOO much… it seems impossible to feel that way about another person, too.

Anyway, so on to Walmart. I’m there, and standing in line at customer service, and this creepy guy keeps staring at me and Ollie. I do my best to ignore him. Finally he comes over and says “I just want you to know that you have a beautiful baby.” I wanted to run away screaming. It was just very strange.

I trot through the store, picking up groceries, and am so ready to be done by the time I get up front. I pay for everything and head for the door. Of course – OF COURSE – the alarm goes off. I stop for a second, trying to figure out what I had that would set it off. I only bought groceries. Then it dawned on me. My “purse”, a large, briefcase style bag that houses extra diapers, toys, my wallet, and anything else I could possibly need, was currently the cozy home for two movies from Coborn’s and two CD’s from the library. I took out the movies, while an old lady came up to watch the door greeter and I. I still set the alarm off. I took out the CD’s, handed them to the greeter, and walked through again. All clear. The door greeter says “okay, that’s fine.” and hands them back to me. I’m just about to turn around and walk out when the old lady FLIPS OUT. She starts screaming “That’s it!?!?!? You’re just going to let her walk out with stolen goods? Aren’t you going to check her bags? She’s got that big diaper bag there, too! What about her bags? What about in with that baby, under the seat?”

I could not believe what was happening. The door greeter stared at her, then glanced at me. I said “well, when you were holding my library CD’s and my rental movies I didn’t set the alarm off….”, now feeling about 2 inches tall.

The door greeter shrugs and walks away. I rush out the door, crazy old lady on my tail, following me through the parking lot, screeching and glaring. I zig-zagged through a bunch of cars and she finally stopped following me.

Do these things happen to other people? Or is it just me? I was SO embarrassed. I know I’ll never leave rental movies in my diaper bag again! I was hurt and offended and angry and in shock. I still am.

I was so glad to get home. Fed Ollie some sweet potatoes. He loves the orange veggies, but has no use for green ones. I don’t understand him. I don’t like sweet potatoes, and carrots aren’t my favorite, but I LOVE green beans and peas. Weird kid. After that we played on the living room floor. Finally I pulled him to my lap when Nick brought me a few slices of pizza. (Turkey pizza, great way to use up leftovers!) I finished my pizza, and grabbed my glass of water. Yesterday Ollie kept reaching for my glass and I finally let him tip it towards his mouth and get a little water. Today he was CRAZY. He kept grabbing it and pulling it towards him, and he’d take a drink, swallow, and then pull it towards him again. He’d make this funny face everytime from the cold, but he just kept doing it over and over again. I laughed, but figured a little water wouldn’t hurt him. I wish I had got it on film. Will have to try to next time.

So at least the day ended well, with laughter and fun with Ollie. And my muscles are feeling fairly relaxed, so it should be a good night, too. 🙂


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  1. Anonymous
    Dec 03, 2008 @ 01:32:00

    Woah, big day! You did great all by yourself! It gets easier, trust me. Chin up. 🙂


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