Holy crap holy crap holy crap!

Wow, it’s been some crazy time since I’ve blogged.

First, the most exciting thing. I went to get the mail today, and my student loans were successfully consolidated into a program so that I can go back to school. Yippee-kyeyay!

I was running into town, and Nick was home with the contractors (more on that shortly), so I called him to tell him the good news. He was super excited, congratulated me, and then sternly informed me that if I didn’t finish a degree program he was going to kill me. Okay, I don’t think he actually threatened to kill me, but it was a threat of some sort.

It’s scary to me, like any commitment is. Not sure why I’m so terrified of commitment. I told myself today that I need to get the degree, and even if it’s not what I end up doing, at least I have a degree for cryin‘ out loud. Besides, a nursing degree right now would be fantastic, while the real estate market is poo.

To be honest, I’m selling stuff. I’m just making a LOT less money than last year. Instead of $130,000 houses, it’s $30,000 houses.

I’m also a little terrified, too, because not this semester, but some upcoming ones, I will just simply have to be away from Ollie. Working while he’s in school isn’t so bad, but before then… I just worry, and I miss him so bad. But it will be just half days, or two whole days a week… something not terrible. I just rarely go anywhere without him.

Anyway, I’m pretty pumped. Still debating programs. Now I’m thinking of just doing the Associate’s degree, then getting a job as an RN, and taking the ADNBSN classes at St. Scholastica’s St. Cloud campus. This way I’ll finish the BSN in 4.5 years, and will have a year’s worth of RN experience, so I can go straight to the University of Cincinnati for midwifery (or another midwifery school, but I’m thinking that’s the one for me….) and finish that in two years. Two and a half if I want the double certification.

Joslyn Panka, CNM, WHNP. Now how freakin‘ cool does THAT look? (Certified nurse midwife, women’s health nurse practitioner.)

Of course, Joslyn Panka, Realtor looks pretty spiffy, too. But I’m not giving up that title, either.

Anyway, so contractors. It has always seemed that we heat and heat and heat and this house never stays warm. Very frustrating. And as you know, heat costs are up. (Does anyone understand why gasoline has gone down in price but propane remains high? It dropped a little, but still…) So we had some testing and repairs done on the house. They fixed leaky duct work. (The duct ends at Ollie’s room, and there was a 2 inch hole in the duct work! We were literally heating the outdoors!) We sealed doors. We super insulated. (Our tub drain froze this weekend… cured!) We replaced a window pane. My house has been torn all apart to get to things, besides the fact that both mornings the contractors have shown up at 8 AM. Not such a big deal, except the traffic wakes Ollie, who normally sleeps until 10-10:30. So then I have super crabby dude on my hands, and I’m trying to keep him happier than normal because there’s people who probably don’t want to listen to super-lungs screaming every time I do something other than pay attention to him. Not fun, considering I’ve done 4 BPO’s in the last two days as well. I love the kid, I really do, but it is SO hard to get ANY work done some days. Some days I think I’m insane for trying to be a stay at home mommy and a full time working mommy at the same time. There should be some sort of special ceremony for those of us who do it, with a mini-break as a reward. Not that all other mommies don’t work hard, or deserve to be praised and rewarded, but oh man. Oh man.

Mr. Oliver. He is changing a little too fast for my liking. If he is anywhere near you and you attempt to drink something, he will grab it. At first it was just water, which I was fine with, but now he grabs any glass. He wants Nick’s coffee, my hot chocolate, my once-a-day orange soda… he’s insane! He also stares at you while you’re eating as if you are the worst person to ever walk the face of the Earth and he’s absolutely starving and WHY THE HELL ARE YOU NOT GIVING HIM ALL OF YOUR FOOD!?!?!?!?!?! It’s… stressful.

He’s mastered the hard stop in the jumper. Know what I’m talking about? Where he’s bouncing bouncing bouncing and all of a sudden he locks his legs up and STOPS. Just like that. It’s funny.

His 2nd foods are going well. Current favorite? Blueberries and apples.

He’s rolling. Purposely rolling. He rolled quite a few times after we brought him home from the hospital, but it wasn’t something he was TRYING to do. Now he’s doing it purposefully. He’s up on hands and knees, too.

I need to buy that gate… now.

He’s sitting up by himself when he’s awake and energetic. He gets “lazy” when he gets tired, won’t walk, jump, sit… but he fights sleep as hard as he possibly can. I beg and plead, because that one nap a day is a much needed break for me. I’m worried, though, because nap time is becoming later and later in the day. He generally is waking up around 5-5:30, and then going to bed at 7. This has happened before, and pretty soon naps merge with bedtime. I’m afraid that he’ll be going to bed at like 6 and sleeping until 10 in the morning. I love the long nights I have now, but I really need that break during the day to get things done.

Tonight was my company Christmas party. I just have to give some props. First of all, total props to Judy, but don’t you be using her as your Realtor! 🙂 for hosting us at her bed and breakfast. It was GORGEOUS, and always IS gorgeous. I want to go to there. (Did you see that episode of 30 Rock? Nick said it creeped him out because she sounds just like me when it comes to food. Someone mentions Outback Steakhouse and she goes into a trance and says “I want to go to there.” My new favorite phrase.)

A big THANK YOU to Pat, my broker, for the excellent food, catered by the Downtown Deli. I had chicken stuffed with tomatoes and bacon… it was to die for. There was salad and cake and buttered vegetables… it was DELICIOUS.

Not sure who sponsored the liquor… I have a feeling it was Judy, Dan, or both. But I appreciated the Pinot Grigio, White Zinfandel, and Bailey’s with dessert. My stomach, however, is rebelling approximately 6 hours later. It’s rumbling and I just kind of feel like puking. Of course, part of that could be the coffee that I put the Bailey’s in. Me and coffee just don’t mix.

And a big thank you to my whole office. Nearly everyone commented on my “great kid” who “never makes a peep” (HA! Come to our place!) and “should have been there tonight”. Judy says “I have a high chair here, and I got it out because I thought our youngest Realtor was coming, too!”

Nick and I sat with Karen Faust, Dick and Deb Schultz, Judy Tauber and Lee Olson. It was a great dinner with great friends. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and only had brief pangs where I missed Ollie terribly. I’m getting better… or was that distracted. Or just had that much White Zinfandel.

Omg, so it’s the next day, and I apparantly totally forgot to publish this. Oh well.


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