Mommy’s Doctor Visit

I went to the doctor today to have a thyroid test done. Does it sound pathetic that I’m hoping it comes back as a problem? I’m figuring though, since it was normal last year that it probably will be this year, too. My conclusion? I am going to spend the rest of my life pregnant so I can eat 6,000 calories a day and still lose excessive amounts of weight, instead of eating 2,500 and gaining excessively. Not being pregnant kind of sucks.

Anyway, so after my visit with Ollie and I’s doctor, Amy Haupert, we headed on down to the lab. I got down there and took a seat. Across from me was a guy about my parent’s age I’m guessing. I sat quietly and talked to Ollie for a few minutes, and then he says “your baby is really cute” from across the waiting area. I smile and say thanks, although when guys say my baby is cute it really throws me off. I don’t know why, but it does. Anyway, so I sit there and talk to Ollie some more, and he’s laughing and smiling, and the guy asks “What’s his name?” (Okay, readers, should I not be disclosing this?) and I say “Oliver”. He’s like “wow… you don’t hear that name much anymore. You probably don’t want to hear this, but that’s my dog’s name.”

Oh good Lord.

So as he tells me all about his dog, I sit there nodding, still making the occassional face at Ollie to keep him from realizing he’s still belted into his car seat. A few minutes go by, and our new friend, “Maynard”, is called into the “area of death” as I used to call it. (Before pregnancy, I couldn’t get my blood drawn without them having to lay me down afterwards.)

We sit there for another moment or two, and a mom with two little ones comes shuffling down the hallway towards us. She sits, and the kids crowd her with “Can I have chapstick? Where can I sit? Do you have crayons?” As she situates the stroller. The oldest is a little girl (3 and a half) and a little boy (2). They get situated, and after a moment, the little girl says “Mommy, can I go sit over there?” She points to my side of the waiting room, but about 6 seats down. She says “Yeah, that’s fine.” (I was really impressed with this mommy, even though later the two tried to take off toward the ER.) The little girl sits at the end of the row, and keeps stealing glances in my direction. I can’t help but notice her, but I continue my chatting with Ollie quietly. Finally, her mom says “Are you okay?” to her daughter. She nods and then, whispering, points at me and says “I kind of want to go sit by that lady.” I turn and smile at her, and I say “Did you want to see the baby?” She nods shyly, and I say “You can come see him.”

She runs over, and Ollie is in his seat on the floor. She kneels next to him and whispers “Hi, baby.” He turns and smiles a HUGE smile, and he immediately starts talking to her. Usually he’s not very talkative with people he doesn’t know. But he took to her immediately. He reached up, and sat there feeling her face while she sat and talked to him, telling him how cute he was. IT WAS THE MOST ADORABLE THING EVER. He just totally loved her.

You would have thought that everyone in the lab had seen a baby before, but they sure acted like they hadn’t. Although not as bad as when after Ollie’s last visit I went up to make an appointment with Rhonda in the OB clinic and the nurses came running out when they found out there was a baby at the appointment desk.

I gave blood and skipped out of there, convinced myself that tomorrow I would be stricter about what I ate, and went through the McDonald’s drive thru. Don’t judge me. I’ve been craving a McD’s ice cream cone for a week. Anyway, I end up with a mighty kids meal and a cone, and pull out onto 65. I get north of Grandy and finish my cone, and start digging for the fries.

There are no fries.

Now, I’m sorry, but seriously…. HOW THE F$!K DO YOU FORGET FRIES IN A KID’S MEAL!?!?!? And what if it had been for a KID? Can you imagine?

I called them. They are sending me a coupon. It better not just be for free fries. I was MAD.

Perhaps, however, it was a sign from God. I shouldn’t be eating the fries, but the chicken nuggets were okay?


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