Me No Blog For Long Time

I really don’t think I have anything interesting to blog about, either.

I tested out of my math placement test into Advanced Algebra. I totally didn’t expect that. I guess I use some basic algebra on a semi-regular basis with real estate and all, but I really didn’t think I’d test out of Elementary Algebra. I know, I know, some of you are looking at me like I’m retarded. Well, you’re probably right. For your information, I passed Boole’s Class (Algebra I) with a C-, Bloom’s class (Geometry) with a D-, and I can’t even remember my teacher’s name from Algebra II at the moment, but I got a D- in there, too. I was actually FAILING Geometry, despite staying after 3 days a week and sitting in the bleachers at the VandenBerge pool, getting help from Bloom any time he got a break from coaching for a second. I somehow managed an A on the final, which I still have. I saved it mostly because I don’t believe it. Sometimes I want to take it to a math teacher and ask them if I really got those questions right, because considering NOTHING would stick that whole year, I just can’t understand how I got an A on that test. I hate to go on and on about it, but it’s like some kind of miracle, an act of God… I literally will never understand how I did it. This was the class where I used to keep a red pen with and put the F on my papers before I handed them in…

Sorry, I’ve totally bored you.

Anyway, this is another miracle, although not quite as large of one. I have managed to test myself out of any math requirements for the ARCC nursing prep program. However, SCSU and most other four years require Statistics, which would mean I’d have to do my Algebra class first, then Stats. But I don’t care this semester, or next.

This also means that I don’t have to wait to take my Chem class. This is a huge deal. If I follow the science course layout, I would need to take Interpretive Chem, followed by Bio, then A&P I and A&P II. Being delayed a semester or two by math classes could really set me back. However, I can sign up for Chem today if I wanted to. Instead, though, I’m going to get a CLEP test book for Bio and attempt to test out, thereby eliminating the need to take the Chem class as well, and just needing to worry about A&P. The sooner I pump those out, the sooner I can get into the actual school of nursing, wherever I end up going.

My kid is growing again. He just continues to get longer all the time, but in general remains somewhat of a bean pole. However, between the scooting, semi-crawling, walking (with assistance, of course) and the jumper, I’m thinking he burns off a lot. I, however, cannot claim the same. I just continue to slowly add a pound on here and there, and then I work it off, then I put it back on. I was staying steady, and then Christmas happened. I find that in general I need to:
A) Stop snacking after dinner
B) Eat breakfast
C) Never go to my parent’s house again. There is food there. Good food. Snack food. Great huge dinners. And they keep on shoving food in front of me.

I also find it best that I’m not allowed to have any significant amount of cash whatsoever. Then I end up eating meals, but typically not ones that are good for you, because I’m always on the run.

I also am finding this winter to be extremely inconvienient. All this snow finds me sitting at home, not wanting to venture out for fear of a problem with the baby in the car. I know, I know, people travel in the winter with babies all the time. Yet the mere thought of heading out when the weather is crappy with Ollie in the backseat nearly makes me hyperventilate. So in general, my friends, if the road is white, I’m at home. Or I drove really frickin’ slow and am not answering email. (Although I do occassionally twitter at stoplights.)

I’m not feeling as cabin-fevery as I did last winter, but I can attribute that to not having pneumonia, and even when I was sick for like all of November, I had no choice but to continue functioning because of Ollie. I think that was probably very good for me.

I took my last muscle relaxant tonight. I am so glad. I’m about 99% sure they are keeping me awake at night. I’m really hoping that I actually start SLEEPING once I’m off of them. I know they are supposed to make me tired, but I personally think cyclobenzaprine is worthless, and I would probably have better results with a frickin’ sugar pill. Tonight the headache was horrible, which ended up in three tylenol, one sudafed, the cyclobenzaprine, and still a dull ache and that “funny smell” that I can’t describe. It’s like you shoved your nose in carbonation bubbles and breathed in. I get that when my headaches are really bad. Yeah, I’m weird. My eardrum itches when I am suffering from hay fever, too. I’m a freak.

I’m going to attempt sleep now. Perhaps something exciting worth blogging about will happen. Perhaps not. We can hope, can’t we?


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