You LISTEN to me!

I love it when our kids show us those exact things that make us not perfect parents.  Despite my attempts to convince Ollie that I’m “practically perfect in every way”, he is great at shoving my bad moments in my face – especially the ones I don’t even realize are so crappy.

I was in a “I’m a good mom” mood the other day, despite temper tantrums.  I had the kids for the day, and was thankful for it, despite “Let go!”,  “Mine!” and “Stop it!” constantly coming out of my son’s mouth.  So as I changed him out of his pajamas that morning, I decided that despite his craptastic less than lovely attitude, I was going to make it a good day.

I fastened his pants and pinned him to the floor, and began tickling him.  He laughed and squirmed and tried to stand up, and I helped him up and then began ticking him again.  He was squeaking out “No, don’t!” while I unrelentingly continued.  Suddenly his face turned stern, he stepped back and stared at me.  It was a cold stare, one that may have scared me if he was a little bigger.  (I’m not kidding when I say “a little”…. he’s over half my height already.)  Then he stepped up to me, placed each hand on my cheeks, and said “YOU LISTEN TO ME MOMMY.”

It was one of those moments where you really don’t know what to say.

I kind of wanted to laugh, and at the same time I had this revelation that when I say the same thing 20 times I get down on my knees, hold his face steady, and say “You listen to me, Ollie!”  I don’t know if I appear as evil stern as he did when he said it, but I know I’ll pay more attention in the future. 

I did stop tickling him.

I also retreated to my room.

Where I busted up laughing.

I’m not going to win the Mom of the Year award, that’s for sure.


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