The Rainboots

It has happened before, and it will happen again.  Those lusty, dirty affairs right in the Target shoe section.

I can’t help it.  When common sense and lack of money are an issue, I make myself walk right past, because I admit that I have no self control.  Not just at Target, but any shoe section in any store.  Well, nearly any.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen an appealing shoe at Wal-Mart.

Anyway, a trip with my mom left me wandering down a shoe aisle with her, when we spotted these babies:


Since this may have been one those moments where I should spend money on something frivolous, I texted my husband.

“They have rainboots on clearance for $16 at Target.  Can I have them?  Please please please?”

The reply was simple, fast, and to the point.

“WTF do you need rainboots for?”

What do I need rainboots for?  They are not helpful in vaccuming, writing real estate contracts, anatomy homework…. why do I need them?

“I really do need rainboots.  They will be great for playing outside with the kids.  And doing chores, like with the goats, and getting firewood.  And for yardwork.  They would be very useful!”

I cannot believe that my husband didn’t right then state the obvious.  Up until now, I avoid excessive mud like the plague when it comes to Ollie playing outside.  And doing the chores?  Ha!  I sometimes haul the garbage can to the street, and that’s about as far as that goes. I do go out and say hi to the goats occassionally, but Valerie, in her pregnant misery, always turns away and looks at me like she wishes I would die. Emma only wants food – if I don’t have it, I’m wasting her time.  I do on occassion get firewood, but usually wear my old crummy sneakers for that.  And yardwork?  Yardwork???  Hmmmm… I can’t even think of the last time I spent a significant amount of time doing yardwork.  The kids prevent that from happening for any length of time. 

No, instead of calling my bluff, he said “Well, if you really like them and will wear them, go ahead and get them!”  YES!  SCORE!  I chucked the boots in my cart and off I went. 

I got home and he examined them, and then looked at me and smiled.  “Well, I think you’ll get good use out of these.  I mean, with all the things you said you’d start doing around here if you could buy them…”

Yes!  Wait… what?

“…like helping with the goats, that will be awesome, especially when their pen gets muddy this spring.  And Ollie will be thrilled to play outside in the mud with you.  The garden won’t be an issue, either!  I can just send you in when it’s muddy to work instead of me getting my winter boots all nasty.”

Ummmm…. this is not what I had in mind….

“Yes, this was a great idea.  I’m glad you found these, J.  We’re going to make great use of these new boots.”



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