The Evolution of Date Night

A random Tuesday, 2007:

“Should we have Hamburger Helper for dinner?”

A not-so-random Tuesday, 2011:

“You know, it would be nice to go on a date this weekend.  It’s been months.”

The following Wednesday, 2007:

“Since we had Cheesy Hashbrowns last night, do you want Cheeseburger Macaroni tonight? Or tacos?”

The following Wednesday, 2011:

“About that date idea…. are there any particular movies you want to see?”

The following Friday, 2007:

“I feel like popcorn.  And Taco Bell.  Let’s go to the movies.  Is there anything we haven’t seen yet?”

The following Friday, 2011:

N: “I read all of the movie reviews for everything in the three nearest theaters.” J: “Me, too.  Did anything stand out?” 


“Which one is the longest?  We might as well get our money’s worth!”


“Well, movie A had a rating of B+ with critics and B with Yahoo users.  Movie B only had a C+ with Yahoo users.  Out of all the movies, movie C had the highest rating.  Let’s see that.”


In the sedan, on the way to the theater, we blab about work, friends, family.


In the SUV, we first drop off the kids at Grandma’s house, then are on the way to the theater, and we blab about the kids and home improvement projects.


Jump out excitedly at Taco Bell.  It may be all we can afford, but that’s okay, we don’t think anything is better.


Slide out of the SUV at Taco Bell.  Wish we had left earlier so we had time to eat a real meal, and try to figure out exactly who is to blame for that – me, or my husband.  I order the same meal as always, but now find it salty and not that appealing.


Late to the movie.  Buy tickets with scrounged up cash.  Share a pop and a large popcorn.  If we’re feeling rich, we might get candy, too.


Early to the movie.  Buy tickets with check card.  Share a large popcorn, but refuse to share a pop with my husband, because he always drinks it all.  Glance at candy, but just don’t have the room for the extra food.


30 minutes into the movie, one of us heads back out to the lobby to get a refill on the popcorn.


30 minutes into the movie our popcorn is still over half full, but has been set in a seat next to us.


Still in the longest movie that was showing.  (Most for the money!)


Leaving our probably short but high quality movie.


“Hey, wanna go try $20 on blackjack before we head home?”


“Are you going to be able to stay awake to drive home?” and “Let’s hurry home.  I miss the kids.”


Walk away with $100 on blackjack.  Walk past the bar, but don’t get anything.  Go to the arcade.


Pick up the kids.  Chat briefly with my parents.  Head home.


Get home.  Scrounge cupboards for more food.


Get home.  Pin kids down long enough to get them into pajamas.  Put them to bed, sneak in leftover popcorn for Ollie the next day.  Glance at the cold wine in the fridge, but decide we are just too tired to even stay up and have a glass.


Put in a movie and stay up for a while under a bazillion blankets because the house temp is 60 degrees.


Climb into the pre-heated bed (love the mattress pad!) and shut the bedroom door to keep the heat out because the house is so warm.  Instant snoring.

So if anyone ever tells you that your life will change once you have kids, it’s true.  It will.  Is it bad?  I personally see nothing wrong with not eating a bazillion calories in one evening, not enjoying excessive salt, and enjoying time with my husband while missing my kids for a few hours.  Sure, I think the last time I played blackjack probably was 2007, and I think I’ve been to a bar once since Ollie was born.  Do I miss it?  No.  I personally find Emmie’s first steps and playing John Deere dominoes with Ollie much more fun.  And waiting until the movie comes out on Netflix so I can enjoy it on my couch in my pajamas with my husband is nice, too.


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