It’s The Little Things…

I have had a hard time with Emmie getting older.  It’s hard for me to realize that she’s 10 months old, and that she’s trying to walk and doing all sorts of toddler-ish things.  I don’t know where time went.  Even in my dreams she’s little baby, not even crawling yet.  I think I lost a couple months.

This new skill, though, is one I’m super excited about.  Is it a huge deal?  No.  It’s not first steps, nor is it first word.  But eating out of a lid-covered snack bowl.

Big girl now!


There she sits, happily feasting on crackers that she pulls out of her own bowl all by herself.  She doesn’t make a mess and is as happy as a clam.  She mastered it immediately, on the first try.

I’m also kind of happy that there is one thing that Emmie could do before Ollie, even if it is just eating crackers from a bowl.


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