Is it Possible to Not Slack as a Mom the Second Time?

With Ollie, at about six months we started enforcing “bedtime”, where he was put in bed to go to sleep. He was pretty easy, and we moved his schedule in just a few days, but it was just a minor change – he always went to bed consistently and woke up consistently and slept all night long.

Emmie was a little more difficult, but I’m still thankful she was easier than many of my friend’s babies. But I think I’ve failed this time. She’s 10 months now, and every night I let her fall asleep on me. It happens anywhere between 7-11, and I’ve just passively put up with it.

It dawned on me today that she’s ten months old now… nearly a year old. Not just that, but I don’t want this trend to continue. I do not want to end up with a three or four year old who has no set bedtime – especially while I’m enforcing bedtime with her brother who isn’t much older, really.

So tonight, about five minutes ago, I brushed two sets of teeth, tucked Ollie in, and then immediately went to Emmie’s room and tucked her in, too. She was quietly talking for a few moments, but now she’s yelling at me. So here we go, with the strategically spaced visits. I need to stick to this. I can do it. I can bedtime train my baby.

I hope.


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