Candy Giveaway! Who Doesn’t Love Candy?

My friend Mary, the owner and talent behind White Peach Photography, has discovered these adorable lollipops on Etsy made by This Charming Candy, and she wants to share them with you! Right now she’s giving away some of these lollipops to a random winner on her blog. Check it out!

I’m sure you’re thinking “Lollipops? What’s so exciting about those?” What about the Twilight themed lollipops, including Blood Sucker (apple and ainse), Sweetheart (“Fragrant jasmine pairs wonderfully with sweet honey to create just the right flavor to capture the sweet, flowery essence that Edward smells in Bella’s blood”), or simply something classic, like Blueberry Muffin or Root Beer Float? (YUM!)

So head on over to Mary’s blog today, and sign up. You can earn additional entries by liking This Charming Candy and White Peach Photo on facebook, following on twitter, and sharing the news!

What flavor do you want to try?


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