Have A Little Faith In Me, Mom

At 11.8 months (approximately), I filled a bottle for Oliver with 4 ounces of formula and 2 ounces of milk.  He took a drink, glared at me, chucked the bottle at me and started screaming bloody murder.

So I’m sure you believe me when I say that the transition to milk was horrible.  You would never believe it now, as the kid drinks milk like crazy at two and a half, but it took months to get him to drink milk.

So I’m looking at my 11 month old now and can’t help but marvel over how different it is this time around.  I anticipated Hell, frankly.  When I finally gave her a little bit of formula at a few months old, she promptly started to projectile vomit everywhere.  It was terribly pleasant.  Trial and error brought us to Target brand Soy formula.  So I’ve been dreading trying dairy for a good 8 months.

So the other day, when I caught her sucking her brother’s sippy cup dry, I just knew I was going to spend the rest of my day cleaning up vomit.

But I didn’t. 

She didn’t even get fussy.

So I put 4 ounces of formula in her bottle with 2 ounces of milk.

And she doesn’t care.

In fact, yesterday I gave her just straight milk – 3 ounces that her brother didn’t finish before going to bed, and in a flash it was gone.

So I guess I need to keep reminding myself that every kiddo is different, and Emmie deserves the same chances Ollie had.

On a side note, neither of my kids could handle Similac Advance, and I don’t know anyone else’s kid who could.  Do you know anyone that did?  Doesn’t it make you wonder what is in it?  Or if they do that so you have to spend extra money on Sensitive (like I did for Ollie).  I’m so glad I was smart enough this time to try Up and Up brand.  We saved loads of money!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Stacy
    Jan 31, 2011 @ 19:50:34

    AWESOME blog and yes EACH CHILD IS DIFFERENT! I used Similac Advanced and Lathan did fine 😀 it was a good deal to buy it @ Sam’s Club (we used powder form)


  2. Cassi B
    Feb 01, 2011 @ 00:12:17

    Kevin had to have the Similac Soy, but that could’ve been because WIC changed to Similac from Enfamil when he was 4 months old. Ugh. But we started Cate on Similac Advance right from the beginning and she’s been fine. We recently started her on nursery water vs. bottled water and she’s been a little spit-uppy since then, but nothing projectile so far. 🙂


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