Things I Regret As a Mommy

When Ollie was little, he spent a lot of time screaming his head off.  Seriously.  And I spent a lot of time trying to entertain him, or at least get him to stop screaming, especially at night.

So many nights, I would sit in Ollie’s room, holding my baby, singing along with the same old songs over and over again.  Mostly stuff I was hooked on from So You Think You Can Dance that season. 

I never did that with Emmie.  I guess I didn’t need to, but it still makes me sad.  I feel like I flaked out on her.  I don’t have any songs that make me go “Oh, remember when Emmie would scream and scream and scream and this song always soothed her?”  Or “Ohmygosh I played that song a bazillion times in the car on the way to and from town just to keep her from screaming until she threw up”.  And yes, that is exactly what I could say about her brother.

So here, I thought I would share some music with you!

“No Air” –  This one was the magical one, the one that worked without fail, and I immediately burned multiple CD’s and had it on my iPod. 

No Air – Jordin Sparks

“Boys With Girlfriends” – He found this one soothing, too. 

“Breathe” – I listened to this song heavily around the time that a friend died, too, so it brings a lot of emotion and memories back.

“Bleeding Love” – Another SYTYCD song.

Bleeding Love – Leona Lewis

“Mercy” – This one always kind of confused me, with it’s hard beat, but he had always seemed to like hard, strict, strong beats. 

Mercy – Duffy


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