There are some things about me I hate.  I think we all have them. 

The hook at the end of my nose.

The way my ears stick out just a little more than they should, so they kind of look silly.

My husband says that my fantasy about a nose job is “silly and unecessary, because your (my) nose is perfect”, and I don’t even know if they can do anything about my ears – but I’ll live with them the way they are.  I have other things I’d rather spend the money on.

Yet what I found kind of funny is I was looking at pictures I’ve taken over the last few days, and I was looking at pictures of my daughter.  I just kept thinking “gosh, she’s just so darn cute!”  (Pretend she is, even if you don’t think so, because I’m her mommy, and I think she is – and that’s the way it should be!)  And then, as I was going through them, I noticed this:

And this:

And you know what?  IT. IS. SO. DAMN. CUTE.  I don’t get it.  I hate it on me.  Some days I’d like to take a scalpel to my nose and tape my ears down, but on her, it’s perfect.

Of course, you may not think so.  For all I know, you’re thinking “Oh, that poor kid, with that hooked nose and those silly ears!”  I don’t care.  It’s adorable.

Does that mean that tonight I went and looked in the mirror and thought “Wow, my nose and ears are perfect, just the way they are”?

Hell no.

I still want to tape and cut, tape and cut.

Yet if she ever says she hates it, or wants to get a nose job, I’ll tell her no, she shouldn’t, because her nose is absolutely perfect just the way it is.

Now, if she comes to me with these and wants to do something about it….

…well, then it would be hypocritical to say no, don’t you think?

Of all the traits I have to pass on, I really hope that this trait becomes extinct.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nicole
    Feb 07, 2011 @ 14:27:24

    She is very cute 🙂


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