I’m THAT Mommy

I’m beginning to spend more late nights awake wondering if I’m “that” mommy. 

When I take my kid places, am I the mom that people look at and think “Oh my goodness… her kid is such a ______.”  (Insert your word of choice here.)

You know the type.  Fit throwing.  Unnecessarily.  In public.

Doesn’t necessarily play well with others. 

Attention seeking – any way he can get it.

And while I rack my brain and read and watch and research, nothing really seems to work on him.  But what I’m noticing on occassion is that it all appears to be a show, just for me.

Today I went to pick up the kids from daycare, and I could hear them having a FANTASTIC time inside before I even got to the door.  Sure enough they were dancing to songs and tossing soft balls in the air and trying to catch them.  I right away found my little boy, cuter than a button, throwing his ball in the air and trying to catch it.  I watched him for a moment before the crowd of kids shifted and I noticed my 11 month old, waving her ball around by its tag and dancing to the music, and I spent another moment marveling at her balance and how quickly she’s picking up this walking thing. 

Then it began.  Ollie came closer, saw me, and his face changed.  And he suddenly chucked the ball across the room as hard as he could.

Calm.  Cool.  Do not give him the attention he seeks.  I ignored him.  So he ran off and started yanking toys out of the shelves.  And this is where it gets confusing.  I can ignore the behavior and not give him attention for it, but no matter how much I do that, it doesn’t seem to change things.  So maybe it’s not attention.  But then what is it?

Now it’s Thursday night, and tomorrow morning is the ECFE Play and Learn class.  I’d love to go – they have awesome toys and activities, and it’s nice to be around other moms… but I’m worried that my giant 2 year old is the kid that everyone wishes wouldn’t show up.  He’s like a bull in a china cabinet.  And he has to run from one thing to the next to the next.  Plus he certainly does not want to be held back.  (That doesn’t mean that I won’t hold him back…. I have no problem trying to calm him down or get him to focus.)  We’re struggling with the sharing concept, too. 

I guess I just don’t know what to do.  I don’t want him to make enemies now, at age 2, because this is a small town, and if we stay here, he will only have a few classmates.  I would hate for him to not have any friends… especially if this is a phase.  Or maybe I’m totally overreacting, and 2 year olds are not going to hold the things that other two years old do to them against them.  Maybe he’s semi-normal.  Maybe he needs more time around kids to learn how to behave.  I don’t know what the answer is.  Does anyone?


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