My Mommy Weakness

Ollie woke up this morning and refused breakfast.  I knew instantly that something was up, but finally decided it was some temperamental random 2.5 year old thing, and let him go.  It wasn’t long, however, before he started bawling, sobbing “My ear hurts” between breaths.

(Insert bad mom moment here – he’s been on Zythromax since Tuesday, but I forgot on Wednesday to give it to him, and nearly forgot Thursday as well.  Bad mommy.)

Anyway, I felt so bad.  He asked for Madagascar, and I put it in, and he sat on the couch through the whole thing, cuddled up to me, tears running down his cheek off and on.  He was trying so hard to be a tough boy, which is the first time I’ve really seen that come out of him.  At one point today he told me “No, mommy, it hurts, but I can’t cry” and I nearly started crying for him.  I told him it was okay, I knew it hurt, and he could cry all he wanted, but he still held strong. 

But the weakness comes in later.  I always think of the story my mom tells of when my little brother was little and she took him in for a vaccine, and he teared up but refused to cry, and then said on the way out to the car “Mom, that really hurt”.  So she hauled his butt to Target and bought him a Hot Wheel (or something).

That gene apparently not only was duplicated in my DNA, but accentuated.  I bought Ollie a kid’s meal at McDonald’s (which he didn’t touch, and I usually don’t buy kids’ meals… just the 4 piece nugget and a small fry, if that), let him eat my Shamrock shake (one of two things he ingested over the course of the day), the movie “How To Train Your Dragon” (which he just put in the movie shelf and then insisted on Madagascar again) and a big set of blocks.  Then I bought him his own Shamrock shake, which he insisted he wanted, but then refused.  Instead he sipped his chocolate milk from earlier (the other thing he ingested).

Emmie got a $3 pair of shoes.  She needs to work on pretending she’s sick.

I just become almost pathetic, trying so hard to get SOME sign of happiness from him.  But eventually I will learn my lesson.  I got a smile once today, and it was because I stopped in Target and gave him a big hug and told him I loved him – not because of the stuff I bought or the things I did.  Silly mommy – all he needed was me.

Although I’m pretty sure once he’s feeling better he’ll appreciate the movie, blocks, and happy meal toy.


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