Joslyn Does a BPO

Property address.

Property ID number.

Oooh! A facebook notification! Well while I’m over here, I should check on my favorite childbirth pages.

*Insert Mama Tao, Mom:Informed, Mama Birth*

Get distracted by reference to Dr. Amy. Head over to Skeptical OB’s blog. Am grouchy. Make snarky comments to judgemental people about their inability to use the English language correctly and their laziness in using “U” instead of typing TWO MORE LETTERS and writing “you”.

Oh yeah. BPO.

Define neighborhood boundaries.

Price range of listings? Wait…. what? $40k-$1,050,000??? Geez, I need to move out of Kanabec County. Are they sure that’s not a typo?

*Distracted by 6,000 sq. ft. house on 20 acres in Cambridge*. Holy shit, that’s huge. Who can I show that to? Who has that listed? What do you wear to that listing appointment?

Oh yeah, BPO. Remove 6,000 square foot house from comparables. Price range of solds. What solds? Ugh.

*Searching for sold comparables. Expand search. Expand search more. Expand outside of allowed parameters. Decide Fannie Mae can kiss my tushie. It’s 11 PM. I know what I’m doing. Deal with these comps.

“If I Die Young” starts on iTunes. God, this song haunts me. What caused them to write this?

Google “Meaning of the song ‘If I Die Young’ by The Band Perry”

Live life to the fullest. Got it. Huh. I was hoping for some story or something behind it.

Find vague reference to Anne of Green Gables and the music video. Go watch music video.

It’s a recreation of the boat scene. Scene snaps to a sad mom. Uh oh. Flood of emotions. OMG, what would I do if one of my kids died? Song takes new meaning.

Start bawling at 11:30 PM alone in my living room watching the music video to “If I Die Young”.

Crap. Compose yourself woman.

Return to Skeptical OB. Read post about the 10 worst pregnancy blogs. Then read comments from the blogger themselves defending their blogs. The bloggers can’t use the English language, either.

Insert snarky comments.

Oooh, woot off! A Dyson? Nope, I’m good… thanks anyway, phone.

Ooh! A facebook notification!

Oh yeah…. BPO.

Tab *insert address* tab tab tab *insert city* tab tab tab *Yes, REO property*… I need new music.

Scan iTunes library. Decide on Ingrid Michaelson.

Sing along quietly to “You and I”. Tab tab tab enter tab tab tab type type type tab tab tab….

Return to playlist. Hanson? Oh God, high school reunion next weekend. Holy crap.

Huh. Wonder if Shannon is going. *Facebook message Shannon*

Huh. Wonder if Kari is going. *Facebook message Kari*

Browse list of people who have RSVP’d. Yep. Could be fun.

iTunes shuffles to N’Sync. Huh. A sign? I miss Shannon.

Remember fondly how I used to insist that Backstreet Boys were better than N’Sync. Shannon disagreed. Fun to argue about.

I want to listen to Backstreet Boys!

WTF? I don’t have any Backstreet Boys?

*Search iTunes store* WTF?!?!?! $9.99 for Millennium? God, is it worth it?

*Search Amazon mp3 store* $7.99. That’s better. *Purchase Millennium. Open the Amazon Cloud. Begin “Back to Your Heart”. Memories*

Ahhhhh, love. Crap! Didn’t my past flute student get married this weekend? *Return to facebook*

OMG love her shoes. Cute pictures. Wish there was more.


*You have been logged out due to inactivity*

Ugh. Well if it logged me out, surely it saved my info….

*Stream of words that no one should hear… ever.*

*Start re-entering comps. Tab tab type type tab tab tab type type yes no convert acres to feet tab tab tab*

*Start dancing to “I Want It That Way”*

Realize I’m a loser. Shrug. Keep dancing.

Huh. I should just buy their first album, too. *Search Amazon* $9.99? Ugh. But I’m getting a big kick out of Millennium. Good biking music. Yes. I can justify this. *Purchase*

Debate how 1-click purchasing enables impulse buyers. You know, like me.

Shit! BPO!

*Upload subject pictures* Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait WHY DO I USE A 10 MEGAPIXEL CAMERA FOR THESE!?!?!?!

Email notification. Order summary from Amazon. $17.98. Wait… did I really just spend nearly $20 on Backstreet Boys music?

Well, I used to own the CD’s, so I guess it’s not the first time.

*Dance like an idiot to “It’s Gotta Be You”*

OMG. Emmie’s gonna LOVE this stuff. She already shakes it every time she hears Justin Timberlake. And Backstreet is better than N’Sync….

But no one does it better than Justin.

*Look at iTunes top 25 played*. Justin holds 6 spots. Huh. Does that make me a loser?

Too late. I already knew I was.

CRAP! PICTURES! *Upload, select file, select file, select file…*

I have to pee.


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