I’m NOT an old lady!

All I wanted was a new wallet. My current one was so sad – seams falling to pieces everywhere. So I began the search. I started where I start every search – Target.

So cute! So fun! So NOT PRACTICAL. I have three check cards alone. Two checkbooks. Three ID cards. Not to mention all the other random crap you pick up from stores (buy 10 at Which Wich, get one free!). This didn’t all fit in these tiny little paisley wallets.


So I ran to Kohl’s. About six months ago I had found the perfect wallet there. Then I didn’t buy it. I will probably regret it forever. It was a Relic brand wallet, which I admittedly have a weakness for.  Something about their prints just makes me want to buy all the purses.  Nope, not an expensive purse girl here!

I began searching through the racks.

Hello cutie pie!  You look adorable, and pretty much would look good no matter which Relic purse I had with me.  I love you.  Until I open you up.  Does no one use checkbooks anymore????

Yep!  Love you.  Love the price.  Love the print.  DO NOT LOVE THE LACK OF CHECKBOOK SLOT.

Boring.  Plain.  Has a million card slots and most likely could hold two checkbooks.  $48.  And I hate it.  When the hell did I become old?  Does having two checkbooks make me old???

I gave up.  I had to go pick up my kids in my SUV since I was done with my day at the office and I had to go worry about things like putting dinner on the table and what my son should take to Show and Share at school the next day.

Wait a minute… am I old?



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