About Joslyn

Who am I?  Shall a take a moment to get deep and philosophical, and share all my inner fears and dreams and hopes?

Nah, I’m much more simple than that.

I’m a 20-something mother of two, married to the man of my dreams (insert awwww here!).  I am a real estate agent, which I love, because I get to help people.  I am on a quest to become a Certified Nurse Midwife within healthcare settings, to really apply myself to a multi-faceted career that tackles so much that I love – giving women strength, babies, pregnancy, and hormones.  I’m crazy about hormones.  I think they are  the most fascinating thing on the planet.  When I think about getting old and dying someday, one sad thought to me is what I will miss out on in the continuous discovery of how our hormones work.  Fascinating stuff. 

Okay, you can wake up.  I’m off the hormone topic.

So I spend some of my days working from home, some of my days in school, and occassionally a day here and there sitting on my butt watching movies with my family.  I have seen “Up” enough times that I shouldn’t cry (but still do), changed enough poopy diapers to last a lifetime, struggled with my perceived inabilities as a mother, and let the dishes pile up way too high in the sink.

So why am I not a textbook mommy?  Where do I start?  Sometimes we pack up the whole family to go visit a pre-foreclosure home for a bank.  Sometimes I go alone, because I’m worried how the homeowners will react.  Sometimes I sit in a real estate closing office trying to entertain my own kid(s), sometimes I sit there feeling very alone.  Sometimes I sit in the hallway of school between anatomy lecture and lab, furiously emailing on my Blackberry, trying to coordinate all things real estate before I tackle all this related to the muscular system.  I never sleep, only about 40% of my house stays what I would call clean, and it’s amazing if I cook dinner twice in a month.  I do everything my way, after tons of research, advice, and thought, and never take any decision lightly.  And, as I read recently, 94% of parents believe their kids have behaved well throughout the last six months.  I am part of that 6% that knows otherwise.

Welcome to my world.


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