I’m NOT an old lady!

All I wanted was a new wallet. My current one was so sad – seams falling to pieces everywhere. So I began the search. I started where I start every search – Target.

So cute! So fun! So NOT PRACTICAL. I have three check cards alone. Two checkbooks. Three ID cards. Not to mention all the other random crap you pick up from stores (buy 10 at Which Wich, get one free!). This didn’t all fit in these tiny little paisley wallets.


So I ran to Kohl’s. About six months ago I had found the perfect wallet there. Then I didn’t buy it. I will probably regret it forever. It was a Relic brand wallet, which I admittedly have a weakness for.  Something about their prints just makes me want to buy all the purses.  Nope, not an expensive purse girl here!

I began searching through the racks.

Hello cutie pie!  You look adorable, and pretty much would look good no matter which Relic purse I had with me.  I love you.  Until I open you up.  Does no one use checkbooks anymore????

Yep!  Love you.  Love the price.  Love the print.  DO NOT LOVE THE LACK OF CHECKBOOK SLOT.

Boring.  Plain.  Has a million card slots and most likely could hold two checkbooks.  $48.  And I hate it.  When the hell did I become old?  Does having two checkbooks make me old???

I gave up.  I had to go pick up my kids in my SUV since I was done with my day at the office and I had to go worry about things like putting dinner on the table and what my son should take to Show and Share at school the next day.

Wait a minute… am I old?



All It Takes Is Getting Spooked….

… for you to become a freaked out ball of anxiety. 

Okay, maybe that’s just me.  I’m not sure.  What I do know is that now I suddenly find myself even unable to sleep.

Last week I was in my Buick, headed towards Mora (and ultimately the metro) with my kiddos in the back seat.  I was cruising down a county road at 55 mph, and came around a curve.  About 3/4 of a mile ahead is a small dead-end dirt road that a few houses sit on.  Very little traffic on that road.  But I immediately noticed a red car going ridiculously fast down the road.  And I instantly knew, looking at angles, that we were going to get hit if they didn’t stop.

I began to slow down a little, sure that the speeder would start braking for the stop sign, but he quickly passed a reasonable point to begin braking without even slowing.  I began to get concerned.

Now this is Minnesota.  His road was sheer ice.  My road was slick.  I began to brake harder, but not much was happening…. my anti-lock brakes were trying to grip, yet they just couldn’t catch.  Just as he hit the stop sign, he began to brake.  He shot out in the road, and I came to a stop just before hitting his car.

What is the natural reaction?  Up until that point it was sheer terror, and then I instantly slid into a moment of fury.  I glared – and seriously considered getting out of the car.  I looked into the car and there sat 5 boys, I’m guessing around 16 or 17 years old, in a Dodge sedan, all staring back at me like I was the one in the wrong.  How dare I be cruising down the road right now?  How dare I expect them to stop at their stop sign?  HOW DARE I GLARE AT THEM.

I honestly can’t tell you why I didn’t get out of the car to at least chew some butt.  Instead, they backed up, and I passed, glaring, but passed.  The whole way into town they were a ways behind me, but I could see them, and I thought about following them, but I didn’t.  I was suddenly overwhelmed with the first thought when I thought that an impact was certain.

“They’re going to hit Emmie.  They are going to hit Emmie’s side… my little baby.  Is my baby going to be okay when a car rams into her side of the car?”

I know my next thoughts were just every possible option I had to avoid them hitting me.  It’s amazing how fast those neurons can fire when they need to.  Maybe I should take the ditch because then we will avoid impact but I think the ditch might flip us with the amount of snow it has but if I go in at this angle we should be okay if I go into the other lane it would be a head on collision and that might be safer or I could take the ditch on the other side into the field because it has less of an incline and fewer drifts and we’re more likely to then stay upright and if I….”

You become a giant run on sentence.  Yet after it was all said and done, all I could think of was “what would have happened if they hit Emmie’s door?  Would she have been okay in her car seat?”

I struggled with the car seat issue the whole time I was pregnant.  I knew that you should always try to put infants in the center, and I did that with Ollie.  However, I had very little luck with getting two seats side by side in my Oldsmobile.  When we bought the Buick, the seats we had didn’t sit side by side, so Ollie is behind the passenger seat and Emmie is behind my seat.  I have just realized that Emmie was approaching the weight limit on her car seat, so I knew I was going to have to move her into something else.  And now I was spooked.  I began to worry that my choices in car seats weren’t good enough.  So the research began.

The very week Target had a stellar deal on the Graco Nautilus – a forward facing seat that harnesses to 65 pounds, then can become a belt positioning booster and then a backless booster up to 100 pounds.  I bought two – the pink one and the gray and black.  I figured at that price, I could store the pink one for a while.  I know my husband had a hard time with the idea of spending money on a car seat right now that we didn’t need (and might not, which I hope to figure out soon so I can return it!), and wasn’t sure what my sudden obsession was with car seats.  We went home and I chucked my kid into the seat in the living room, and was disappointed at how my little giant fit.  (By the way, the Nautilus is at Target for $130 until this Saturday, and there is a great review here if you are thinking about this seat.)

He looked crammed in at the shoulders.  I posted on facebook, and got a lot of recommendations.  Some people suggested a booster for him, since he is 44 pounds.  While he does meet the weight limit, he is only 2 and a half.  This story is why I’m not ready to de-harness him yet.  (Moms, be ready – you will probably cry.  And don’t do like I did and read it before bed.  I couldn’t get it out of my head to fall asleep.)

Now, to be fair and completely honest, my son stayed rear facing until just before his first birthday.  Yet we didn’t have much of a choice – he was weighing in at 36 pounds – too heavy to be rear facing in his car seat anymore.  So I hadn’t put a ton of thought into how long I would rear face Emmie.  I know Ollie was so much calmer once I did – he could see me, and was happy to smile (or glare!) at me whenever he pleased. Emmie is a totally different story.  She doesn’t care that she’s rear facing.  She can see her brother, and that makes her happy.  (Unless he has a snack and she doesn’t, and then she just screams.)  And she’s always in the 50th percentile for height and weight.  Right now she’s just a hair over 20 pounds according to our scale at home, at 11 months old.  Perfectly on track.

So I hadn’t really put a lot of thought into extended rear facing.  I did have a nice new fancy car seat for kids 20 pounds and up, but in reading their manual, even they don’t recommend moving your child to front facing at the minimum weight the car seat allows.

I began to realize there are a lot of common misconceptions and some facts that really weren’t known about seating.  And that’s why I decided to write this blog.  I wanted to share the information I found with you.  So here we go.

  • Did you know that the American Academy of Pediatricians actually recommends that you keep your child rear facing until they are at least 2 years old and 30 pounds, but prefer until they are too big for their seat to rear face – which for some newer seats can be as high as 45 pounds?  Many people believe that it is just 1 year old and 20 pounds, but that is the minimum that most states require.  In other words, your child’s doctor should be recommending to you to keep your little one rear facing for longer than one year.
  • Also, even though boosters are available and legal for kids over 40 pounds, the AAP says that “Although boosters with shields may meet current Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for use by children who weigh 30 to 40 lb, on the basis of current published peer-reviewed literature, the AAP does not recommend their use.”  They add, “Significant injuries to the head, spine, abdomen, and extremities of children in shield boosters have been documents in crash investigations resulting from ejection, excessive head excursion, and shield contact.”  (Kyle David Miller is a prime example) (http://aappolicy.aappublications.org/cgi/content/full/pediatrics;109/3/550)  
  • The leading cause of death for children ages 1-21 in the United States is motor vehicle crashes.
  •  Did you know that in Sweden kids are rear facing in their car seats until they are four or five? And did you know that death due to motor vehicle crashes in Sweden for children are barely existent at all?  There are some stunning articles at www.carseat.se where all the family members in the crash died except the rear facing 3, 4, and 5 year olds.  My heart aches for those children that lost their family members, but the fact that they lived with virtually no injuries should tell us something!  Plus, they’ve been doing this since 1965!  They add, “Significant injuries to the head, spine, abdoment, and extremities of children in shield boosters have been documents in crash investigations resulting from ejection, excessive head excursion, and shield contact.”  (Kyle David Miller is a prime example) 
  • Also, I had absolutely no clue that it was illegal to use a car seat from another country.  Sweden’s car seats have higher weight limits – higher than what we can get here.  I found a few forums where parents were complaining about that.  I guess the thought had never crossed my mind.  Random fact of the day.
  • I read multiple places that head on collisions make up 70-76% of all car collisions.  I was a bit skeptical on that number (still am), but an important fact remains – if you are in a head-on collision, chances are you’re going a pretty good speed.  If you get rear-ended, however, most of those collisions are at low speeds – less risk of harm.
  • In situations like mine, where you have a rear facing infant (almost toddler) and a forward facing 2.5 year old, who should be in the center?  I believed that the infant should.  After all, she’s smaller, so more at risk, right?  Nope.  All of the literature I’ve read says that your forward facing kid should be in the center if you have to choose, as they are much more likely to suffer injuries. 
  • Did you know that once your kiddo hits 48 pounds (this may vary depending on your seat and your car), you need to stop using the LATCH system and use the regular belts to hold down the seat?  (Not to get confusing – they can still use a harness seat, it just needs to be fastened into the car using the seat belts, not the LATCH system.)  They do recommend, however, that you keep the top tether connected.  (Read your car seat manual for more information on this, and check your car manual, too.  Some LATCH systems may have different guidelines.)
  • Also, my Oldsmobile was made the year before LATCH came out, and at my car seat safety class I took before Ollie was born, it was implied that the LATCH system was so much safer than using the regular car belts to secure the seat.  However, that’s not true – it was just a standard way to “idiot-proof” car seat installation.  (I read that exact term – idiot-proof – somewhere, just don’t remember where.)  So if you have a car without LATCH, please don’t beat yourself up over it!
  • Please, please PLEASE don’t buckle your kid into their car seat with a jacket on.  I read a general rule of thumb somewhere that you should not have to adjust the harness straps on a regular basis – only because your child has grown. If you have to pull the harness out to get your kid fastened in, chances are you’re not getting it as tight as it would normally be, leaving a lot of “fluff” room between the belt and your kid.  This video does a great job of demonstrating the danger with even a relatively thin coat.    I read another recommendation to keep kid Snuggies in the car – love the idea!  I always preheat the car, de-coat the kids before strapping them in, and re-coat them before getting them out.  Sometimes I will put Ollie in a light fleece and just bring his coat with, just in case we were to break down or something.  Emmie is easy – I can throw a bunch of blankets over her seat and she’s okay until we get into the store or house, but those days are ending!

So my plan?  Keep Emmie rear facing for a while still.  While the facts were interesting and helpful in my decision, the videos are what really convinced me.  These are my three favorite.

These are the ones that really blew my mind, though.  Looks what happens in a crash forward facing.

Now look at the difference when the child is rear facing!

I know kids don’t have the ability to reason like we do, and there’s no easy way to explain to your kid that they are safer rear facing, but that video makes ME  want to rear face in my car!  (And I have read that even adults would be a lot safer rear facing in the car, but hey, it’s hard to drive like that.)

I could keep bombarding you with facts, but I’ve given you the basics – now you can do more research if you want.  There are great resources out there.  Look at www.babycenter.com, www.car-seat.org, www.aap.org, and the Kyle David Miller Foundation blog, http://kdmf.blogspot.com (their website appears to have been hacked, and I did contact them about it, but the blog is safe, and I’ve  read the whole thing.)  Find a car seat technician and talk to them.  Ask questions.  Challenge the “basic rules”.  But MOST IMPORTANTLY, do what is right for YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.  Because while I might think that this is the ideal situation, I know that every single situation is different (just like both of my kids – very different), and only you can decide what is right for you to do!  My goal in this blog was not to verbally smack you over the head with facts and say “YOU MUST DO THIS”, but to share what I found, what helped me, give some references for some information (because many blogs don’t have references to their facts), and hopefully ease a little bit of the fear that I’ve had since last week with the near-accident.  Maybe now I can sleep a little better?  I hope so.

I will not pay full price for my kid’s clothes

I will not. 

Okay, there was one exception.  When we did family photos, I think I did pay full price for a couple of items, but that was a freak circumstance.

Check this out, for example:

Cheap pajamas!

Like?  Aren’t these cute?  $1.87.  For the set.  That’s right.  One-dollar-and-eighty-seven-cents.  Brand new.

So how do I do it?

Well, first of all, I stop at Target twice a week.  Yes, seriously.  Sometimes I walk out of there with nothing, but sometimes I walk out with good deals.  Yesterday on the rack I picked up the pajamas – two sets of pajamas (monkey themed) for $3.74.  Like I said, I stop there constantly, and I hadn’t seen these before.  Sometimes they get returns from other stores or returns of stuff that was clearance out a while ago, and it will just show up on the rack at a super cheap price.  So how much did I save?  They were originally $19.99 – so I saved $16.25, or roughly 81%.  Sweet!

I also saved some big bucks on Emmie’s 2011-2012 winter jacket, which was originally $34.99, and I picked up for $12.48.  Score!

So how do you become a not-so-textbook-mom?  Buy everything on clearance, I guess!

(For the record, I am not a huge Wal-Mart person, but I will buzz through occassionally and check out their clearance – but I have never EVER found deals at Wal-Mart like I do at Target!)

The Rainboots

It has happened before, and it will happen again.  Those lusty, dirty affairs right in the Target shoe section.

I can’t help it.  When common sense and lack of money are an issue, I make myself walk right past, because I admit that I have no self control.  Not just at Target, but any shoe section in any store.  Well, nearly any.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen an appealing shoe at Wal-Mart.

Anyway, a trip with my mom left me wandering down a shoe aisle with her, when we spotted these babies:


Since this may have been one those moments where I should spend money on something frivolous, I texted my husband.

“They have rainboots on clearance for $16 at Target.  Can I have them?  Please please please?”

The reply was simple, fast, and to the point.

“WTF do you need rainboots for?”

What do I need rainboots for?  They are not helpful in vaccuming, writing real estate contracts, anatomy homework…. why do I need them?

“I really do need rainboots.  They will be great for playing outside with the kids.  And doing chores, like with the goats, and getting firewood.  And for yardwork.  They would be very useful!”

I cannot believe that my husband didn’t right then state the obvious.  Up until now, I avoid excessive mud like the plague when it comes to Ollie playing outside.  And doing the chores?  Ha!  I sometimes haul the garbage can to the street, and that’s about as far as that goes. I do go out and say hi to the goats occassionally, but Valerie, in her pregnant misery, always turns away and looks at me like she wishes I would die. Emma only wants food – if I don’t have it, I’m wasting her time.  I do on occassion get firewood, but usually wear my old crummy sneakers for that.  And yardwork?  Yardwork???  Hmmmm… I can’t even think of the last time I spent a significant amount of time doing yardwork.  The kids prevent that from happening for any length of time. 

No, instead of calling my bluff, he said “Well, if you really like them and will wear them, go ahead and get them!”  YES!  SCORE!  I chucked the boots in my cart and off I went. 

I got home and he examined them, and then looked at me and smiled.  “Well, I think you’ll get good use out of these.  I mean, with all the things you said you’d start doing around here if you could buy them…”

Yes!  Wait… what?

“…like helping with the goats, that will be awesome, especially when their pen gets muddy this spring.  And Ollie will be thrilled to play outside in the mud with you.  The garden won’t be an issue, either!  I can just send you in when it’s muddy to work instead of me getting my winter boots all nasty.”

Ummmm…. this is not what I had in mind….

“Yes, this was a great idea.  I’m glad you found these, J.  We’re going to make great use of these new boots.”


Ollie + Tippy Cup

I laughed so hard at this kid. He threw a fit today when he and I went to lunch with Auntie Rose and mommy ordered a water that she wouldn’t share. He banged on the table and howled. So now Ollie has a 4+ month tippy cup, thanks to Pamida. (And surprisingly, I didn’t get totally screwed on the price!)
Hmmm…. I think I got this….

This part is tasty.

Now I’m getting bored/impatient.

I really am not quite sure what’s up with the other hand.

“I like this better, mom.”

Parent Questions

Okay guys, I have approximately 10 weeks left and I’m starting to freak a little. I’m trying to figure out what I need and how to get it. SO… help me out a little here, if you can, and give me some answers to some pressing questions I have.
1. Did you use a travel system? If so, did you like it? Could you have lived without it? Did you use it often, and how long did it last you?
2. Did you use a diaper pail, like Diaper Genie? Did you like it?
3. How about getting around with the baby? Did you use a carrier, sling, or anything like that? What kind, how much, and did you like it?
4. Do you think starting off with a convertible car seat is a good move? The only thing I’m thinking is that it may be easier to have the travel system for a while…
5. For bottle feeding, did you use anything special? Anything you liked or couldn’t live without?
6. Did you ever have your baby sleep with you? Did you use one of those special in bed sleeper guard things, and did you like it?
7. Did you have sun shades in your car?
8. What is the one thing you COULD NOT live without in the first year or so? Why?

Thanks for your help. Like I said, I’m getting a little crazy. 🙂
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1)What is a travel system?2)LOVE MY DIAPER GENIE! Especially since we have dogs! Get it!3) Used an over the shoulder sling for the first 12 weeks of Max’s life…it reminded him of being on the inside I think…when he was in there I got peace! : D4)We have a car seat that sets in a pod in the car and fits in a stroller and we LOVE it! It is wonderful! The car seat snaps into carts while shopping and snaps into the stroller for walking. LOVE IT! 5)DR. BROWN’S Bottle’s are the best! No burp problems or upset tummy’s! 6)Max slept with me all the time because other wise I didn’t sleep. I kicked my husband out…he slept in our guest room and moved the baby in. Yes, we bought one of the GRACO net bedside things that has the bars that slide under the matress. It was $1.50 at the thrift store next to Savers in St. Cloud. 7) We have a sun shade…it does not stay up. : (8) I could not live without:For Me: When you come home from the hospital have tuck’s pads. Buy them in the medical section at Coborn’s by the band-aids…they help. For Max: a pack of cloth diapers to use as spit up cloths and onsies. YOU WILL BE FINE! REPEAT AFTER ME…I WILL BE FINE! : D
Posted by Jess on May 14, 2008 – Wednesday 9:54 PM [Remove] [Reply to this]
I WILL BE FINE….lolVery helpful. Travel system is basically what you described in number 4…. stroller/car seat/base combo.Good point on the diaper genie + dogs comment…. good to know!You’ve been awesome… I still have the emails you sent me MONTHS ago, too, with the lists of things I need! 🙂 I use it when making shopping lists! Thank you so much!
Posted by Josie on May 14, 2008 – Wednesday 10:00 PM [Remove] [Reply to this]
1. We loved the travel system. It was nice because of the infant seat and now we can use the stroller without. :)2. I’ve never used a diaper pail. I think it’s a waste of money. As long as you throw diapers away in the trash, that’s all you’re really doing anyway. Betty Jo (my boss) never used one either. BUT Julie Ann (my old boss) had one in each of the kids’ rooms. It was a pain in the ass to lug those dirty diapers (they get HEAVY) down to the trash every other day. Again, Kerry and I agreed they were a waste of money. BUT I will say that they take care of the smell somewhat. :)3. I never used a sling, but I didn’t really do a lot of cleaning, working or such when he was awake anyhow. 4. No. Starting with the convertible seat, you would need to find something to tote Baby around in the grocery store, shopping, ANYWHERE you go for the first 3-5 months before Baby can sit up on his own. You can’t take the convertible seat in with you, it stays in your car. THAT’s where the handiness of the travel system comes in, most infant seats nowadays are shopping cart friendly and you save money buying the seat/stroller combo.5. I used AVENT bottles. I LOVE THEM. One problem is that if they get liquid in between the nipple and top they leak. With the Brown’s bottles though, you have like 6 parts to wash every time. So unless you’ve got a dishwasher, that’s a lot of dishes to do. 😦 Avent and Browns are both good for upset tummies, also Kerry’s mom SWORE by the Playtex bottles. So really, whichever brand you buy, you’ll be fine. Also there’s bottle vs. the bags. We used to the bags every once in a while when he was young. They’re okay. You still have bottles to wash etc, I personally didn’t see a need for them, but I can see how to some parents they can be convenient. I’m sure I’m not really helping you on this one, but EVERY ONE is different when it comes to bottles. I personally love the Avent brand. 🙂 ALSO on that note: are you planning on nuks? IF so, there’s a million brands of those too. You just won’t know until baby is born which one BABY prefers. Some moms buy one of each brand and try out what’s best, some just buy one brand period and Baby just adapts. 6. Yes, I did have Kevin sleep with me every once in a while. When I was up at the cabin, I used a bed sleeper (I have one you can borrow) I liked it. But he mainly slept in his crib/pack-in-play/bouncer chair/swing. If he was really fussy at night to get some extra sleep I would just bring him in and he’d sleep right next to me. They say that it’s not “good for the baby” there are issues that could arise (ie rolling over on him) but I’m such a light sleeper, so….7. I did have sunshades, they fell down. Kerry has tinted windows. A lot of times when he was an infant, I just put a light blanket over and had his sunshade on the carseat up, so the blanket wasn’t ON him on him, just over him. But I would still buy the sun shades. 8. You know I don’t think there was any one particular item I could NOT live without. A lot of the things we had: swing, bouncer seat, pack-in-play, etc were more conveniences than nesseceties. If you want your life to be EASIER, you get this stuff. Otherwise you CAN live without them. Some moms SWEAR by playing soft music for Baby to go to sleep to, I personally have never really had a problem putting Kevin to bed (‘cept for that little bump in MD). I was lucky. Just laid him down and he’d go to sleep on his own. Some moms SWEAR by the carriers. Some moms believe in the sleeping schedule. To be 100% honest, Kevin put HIMSELF on his own schedule…as most babies will if you let them. Just follow their lead. Feed them when they’re hungry (typically every 2-4 hours the first few months, then every 4 later like 6-9 months they’re down to 3 times a day), put them down when they’re tired, etc etc. I personally believe in letting children set their own schedules, but babies are VERYadaptable so if you feel you want them on your schedule feel free. :)And I completely agree with Jess: YOU WILL BE FINE. Lol. It does get a little crazy with a baby, but hey isn’t that why we get pregnant? Lol. Hope this helps, but unfortunately you just won’t know until baby is here. :(Love you! And Good Luck!!
Posted by Cassi on May 15, 2008 – Thursday 6:26 AM [Remove] [Reply to this]
Matt the punching bag…
ask Shawna, I got nothing…
Posted by Matt the punching bag… on May 15, 2008 – Thursday 9:15 AM [Remove] [Reply to this]
1. We got a travel system for Clair and it was awesome . we never had to wake her up to get in or out of the car and they can stay napping in them if you need some peace. we can still use our infant seat now clair is 10 months. I use our stroller all the time.If you get a travel system( I suggest it) get one that can adjust/tighten the straps in the front I have an evenflo but I like the chico or graco better. I would not skimp on your infant seat and stroller. make sure you like it. we also got the extra base to go with it. life saver.2. We used the diaper champ. you can get it at target. I like it because you can use regular trash bags. you dont have to buy special bags like the diaper genie.3. We used the carrier/carset. it was too hot for me to have her super close when we were out side( she liked to be swadled though. 4. I really think the travel system was easier because when it gets cold you dont have to put the baby into a cold carseat in the car. There arenite infant carier covers you can use with the infant seats.5. we started out with the walmart cheapie bottles then moved to the Avent bottles (I dont like them, they leak if the top is not on right) we now use the playtex nurser systems because they colapse when the liquid is sucked out and the bottle liners are always sterile. I an not a fan of the dr. brown bottles. they can get expensive. It comes down to the baby what does the baby like. we did not but many untill we found out what she liked to use. different babies do better on different bottles. I dispise the vent air bottles they leak after being washed a ton of times. ( I have learned they work because I work at a daycare in the infant and toddler rooms).6. I did not want her to sleep with us I did not want to roll over on her and it helped us stay close at night when that was the only time we got for ourselves. now she sleeps so well in her own bed she loves having her own space and i did not have to get her transitioned out of our bed.7.I love my sunshades I dont know what I would do w/o them. I have the stick ons that are like window tint. they wont flip up when they are bumped.8. I loved the quilted cloth diapers for spit up rags. you can yse them for burp rags or to put under baby when ypu are in a store or resturant. those fold down beds can be nasty. I loved having a good swing we could let her sleep in it we started her solids in it( used it like a chair). she held her bottles by herself in it and it let me sleep. (be careful to find one that will hold a larger baby ours goes up to 22-25 pounds.) I LOVE our Mega Saucer. it keept her busy so I could get some things done around her. I never had to worry about stepping on her when I was vaccuming around her. she loved(s) bing in it. MOSTLY haivng really good friends around to call or come over to give you a break (sometimes i prefered friends over family).
Posted by Jenn on May 15, 2008 – Thursday 7:10 PM [Remove] [Reply to this]
you will be fine just let your baby let you know what it needs. they tell you what they need , like and dislike. our doctor suggested to us to have her sleep on her own and not get up at every whimper (at night) wait until she is really ready/crying. it was great advice FOR ME because it helped get her on a good eating schedule . she ate more during the day and whe was sleeping through the night at 5 weeks. every baby is different you will know what you like and the baby will be loved.it will all be ok. you have tons of friends who are here for you.
Posted by Jenn on May 15, 2008 – Thursday 7:19 PM [Remove] [Reply to this]
Go Jenn! Your advise was awesome and I totally agree with you. BABY WILL TELL YOU WHAT HE LIKES. Lol. We can’t tell her enough. 😉

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