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So… Damn… Sick.

The kids started daycare in August.

We’ve  been sick since August.

It’s nonstop.  We did have one two week period where we didn’t have anything new, but otherwise we’ve been sick since August.

So anyway, I had this fantastic blog that I’ve been thinking about, and I can’t even begin to be witty or creative now that I’m all hopped up on Theraflu liquid syrup.  So I guess it will just have to wait.  Or never get written.  Or something.

Me No Blog For Long Time

I really don’t think I have anything interesting to blog about, either.

I tested out of my math placement test into Advanced Algebra. I totally didn’t expect that. I guess I use some basic algebra on a semi-regular basis with real estate and all, but I really didn’t think I’d test out of Elementary Algebra. I know, I know, some of you are looking at me like I’m retarded. Well, you’re probably right. For your information, I passed Boole’s Class (Algebra I) with a C-, Bloom’s class (Geometry) with a D-, and I can’t even remember my teacher’s name from Algebra II at the moment, but I got a D- in there, too. I was actually FAILING Geometry, despite staying after 3 days a week and sitting in the bleachers at the VandenBerge pool, getting help from Bloom any time he got a break from coaching for a second. I somehow managed an A on the final, which I still have. I saved it mostly because I don’t believe it. Sometimes I want to take it to a math teacher and ask them if I really got those questions right, because considering NOTHING would stick that whole year, I just can’t understand how I got an A on that test. I hate to go on and on about it, but it’s like some kind of miracle, an act of God… I literally will never understand how I did it. This was the class where I used to keep a red pen with and put the F on my papers before I handed them in…

Sorry, I’ve totally bored you.

Anyway, this is another miracle, although not quite as large of one. I have managed to test myself out of any math requirements for the ARCC nursing prep program. However, SCSU and most other four years require Statistics, which would mean I’d have to do my Algebra class first, then Stats. But I don’t care this semester, or next.

This also means that I don’t have to wait to take my Chem class. This is a huge deal. If I follow the science course layout, I would need to take Interpretive Chem, followed by Bio, then A&P I and A&P II. Being delayed a semester or two by math classes could really set me back. However, I can sign up for Chem today if I wanted to. Instead, though, I’m going to get a CLEP test book for Bio and attempt to test out, thereby eliminating the need to take the Chem class as well, and just needing to worry about A&P. The sooner I pump those out, the sooner I can get into the actual school of nursing, wherever I end up going.

My kid is growing again. He just continues to get longer all the time, but in general remains somewhat of a bean pole. However, between the scooting, semi-crawling, walking (with assistance, of course) and the jumper, I’m thinking he burns off a lot. I, however, cannot claim the same. I just continue to slowly add a pound on here and there, and then I work it off, then I put it back on. I was staying steady, and then Christmas happened. I find that in general I need to:
A) Stop snacking after dinner
B) Eat breakfast
C) Never go to my parent’s house again. There is food there. Good food. Snack food. Great huge dinners. And they keep on shoving food in front of me.

I also find it best that I’m not allowed to have any significant amount of cash whatsoever. Then I end up eating meals, but typically not ones that are good for you, because I’m always on the run.

I also am finding this winter to be extremely inconvienient. All this snow finds me sitting at home, not wanting to venture out for fear of a problem with the baby in the car. I know, I know, people travel in the winter with babies all the time. Yet the mere thought of heading out when the weather is crappy with Ollie in the backseat nearly makes me hyperventilate. So in general, my friends, if the road is white, I’m at home. Or I drove really frickin’ slow and am not answering email. (Although I do occassionally twitter at stoplights.)

I’m not feeling as cabin-fevery as I did last winter, but I can attribute that to not having pneumonia, and even when I was sick for like all of November, I had no choice but to continue functioning because of Ollie. I think that was probably very good for me.

I took my last muscle relaxant tonight. I am so glad. I’m about 99% sure they are keeping me awake at night. I’m really hoping that I actually start SLEEPING once I’m off of them. I know they are supposed to make me tired, but I personally think cyclobenzaprine is worthless, and I would probably have better results with a frickin’ sugar pill. Tonight the headache was horrible, which ended up in three tylenol, one sudafed, the cyclobenzaprine, and still a dull ache and that “funny smell” that I can’t describe. It’s like you shoved your nose in carbonation bubbles and breathed in. I get that when my headaches are really bad. Yeah, I’m weird. My eardrum itches when I am suffering from hay fever, too. I’m a freak.

I’m going to attempt sleep now. Perhaps something exciting worth blogging about will happen. Perhaps not. We can hope, can’t we?

Sometimes I Feel Like I Have No Friends

Probably just exhaustion.


I literally wrote like 4 more pages of stuff here, was nearly finished, and the window just magically went to my dashboard. I thought that blogger saved what I was writing!


Mom Survey…

1. How long have you been a Mom? Nearly 15 weeks! Holy cow!

2. How many children call you Mommy? Ollie will someday

3. Girl? Boy? or both?: Boy

4. Did you know what you were having? Yep. I found out on purpose, Nick found out on accident when Ollie was “showing his stuff” during an ultrasound.

5. How old were you when you became a Mom? 25

6. How long were you in labor? 16 hours

7. What’s your favorite thing about being a Mom? When I go to get Ollie in the morning. I always walk in and peer over the crib and say “Good morning Ollie!” and he screeches and squirms and laughs and smiles…. it’s the best.

8. What’s your least favorite thing? Worrying about money

9. Do you want more kids? Heck yes. In fact, I’m now willing to go along with Nick… I’d have 4.

10. Do you plan on having more soon? Eh, I’m not committing us to anything yet.

11. How many times have you been pee’d on? 4, I think. Nick has had it wayyyyyyy worse.

12. Barfed on? A couple of times. Mostly times when he thinks he is starving, eats too fast despite my best efforts, and then projectiles – usually down my shirt.

13. Is your child named after anyone? Nope

14. How did you come up with their name? After 9 months of going through the name book, it randomly sounded good at 2 AM one night. I figured I’d hate it the next morning. I didn’t. When listing off names after Ollie was born, he made a disgusted face for every one until we said “Oliver”, and then he smiled. Our midwife tells that story to people all the time!

15. When your child gets in trouble, who is the bad guy? Not really applicable… yet. But it will be Nick. I’m sure of it.

16. What is the longest you have been away from your children? 4 hours? I think that’s all.

17. Bedtime routine? We eat cereal and fruit, wash up, have a bottle, change into pj’s and a night time diapie, play, another bottle, and zzzzz……

18. Are your toes painted? Nope.

19. Last movie you saw in the theater? Hmmm… Stepbrothers.

20. One thing you will not give up just because you’re a mom? Work!

21. One thing you did give up now that you’re a mom: Driving fast. I miss that.

22. Best Mom perk: Having live entertainment most of the time. Being busy. And of course, I like the extra stress of managing a household, a full time self-employment style career, and a baby.

23. Snack, you sneak bites from your child? I admit, I have taste tested rice cereal, applesauce, and sweet peas. By far, the peas were the worst. Rice cereal isn’t great either, but mixed with applesauce it is pretty tasty.

24. When the kid is napping, you are: Working, 95% of the time.

25. Where is your child(ren) now? Sleeping way in his toasty room, while I sleep in my cold one.

26. Favorite place to buy maternity clothes? I guess I really didn’t buy much, since I lost so much weight, but Target I guess.

27. If I could do it over… I wouldn’t be so worried.

28. Did it turn out the way you expected? Motherhood? I love it. Better than expected. And Ollie? He’s only the best baby ever…

Happy Anniversary….

Today is the 3rd anniversary of my breast reduction. I doubt anyone really cares, but I do. Although they’ve taken some serious baby abuse and are now a little saggy, I’m still pretty darn happy with them. Overall.

Eh, I’m still a little upset over the whole not-working-very-well-at-producing-milk thing, but that’s a whole different blog…

Career? Death? Where Am I Headed?

Eh, this is going to be one of those multi-topic, babbling style blogs. And boy, if there’s anyone good at babbling, it’s the two people sitting in front of this computer right now. (That would be Ollie and me…)

So today I got this brilliant thought that perhaps I should while taking my nursing classes, take the course to become a doula. If you don’t know what a doula is, they are basically like a labor coach, there to help you with your family/significant other/etc. It is similar to real estate school – intense, short courses to get you licensed ASAP. There is only one remotely near here, and she’s in Cambridge. (And I didn’t know about her… so I don’t know how hard she’s workin’ it out there.) This could help me in a number of ways. I would be sure this is what I want to do, to a further extent. (Doulas aren’t sticking thier entire arms up vaginas… midwives do. But I’ll get a rough idea.) I would kind of get to do what I want to do, and help people, which is fun. And it will also give me some labor and delivery experience, which may help to get me into L&D once I have the RN licensure. I need a year of L&D as a prereq for the midwifery master’s certificate… which yes, is a while away, but hey, a head start would be a good thing. The faster I can make things go, the better. So that’s a possibility down the road.
I am so sick, people. Although I am not as bad as last November, and I can take medicine this time. My house is a pig sty. Because I am sick and have a valid reason, I am willing to share this lovely photo of my kitchen counter with you.

Horrible, isn’t it? You can’t see the three bottles of cough syrup on the corner. But you can definitely tell that we feel like dying.

Here! Another!

Cough syrup, disinfecting wipes, Ollie’s formula and gas drops, an apple and apple corer, tabasco sauce (wow, we are interesting.) Cool whip containers that are CLEAN, from when I made snicker salad for Gus’ confirmation. Pizza cutter, scissors, random pill packages, a bib, and Sunsilk Hydra TLC cream. Priorities, people. Just because I’m nearly dead doesn’t mean my hair needs to look like it.

Ollie is funny. He can be crabby/fussy, and I turn on music and he stops, smiles, and starts laughing. Then he’s happy. What a dork.

They also say as babies get older, they start to eat less frequently, but more amounts. OMG am I noticing it lately. With the infusion of cereal into his diet, he now eats about 1/4 a cup of cereal twice a day. Immediately when he wakes up he eats 8 oz. of formula, sleeps for another two hours, then eats another 8. He plays for a while, then takes 16. Sleeps, eats another 8. Before bed he easily puts down 16 oz again. And that’s WITH all that cereal.

He’s like a pro at eating the cereal now. I think we might try a veggie this week. So much fun!

Wow… I think he might fall asleep since I turned on the music. I suppose, it’s his nap time. He’s got a pretty consistent schedule overall when left to his own devices. Obviously if we are out and about during the day he gets a little messed up, but he’s gotten a lot better about that, too. He stays awake in the car when it’s awake time… he just talks a lot, plays with his hands, or eats poor Mr. Giraffe.

Have you met Mr. Giraffe? Poor dude. He gets chewed on constantly. See him, all yellow, next to the chair on the end table? Funny story. I went to Walmart with my parents, and my dad was carrying Ollie, who apparantly got excited when he walked by the crane machine. (I was behind my dad, and I didn’t see it, but whatever…) So my dad proceeded to pull out his wallet (which is bottomless when it comes to Ollie.) and hand my mom money to win something out of the machine. This in itself is a hilarious joke, because my mom never wins anything. Really. And a crane machine? HA!

Second try, out comes Mr. Giraffe. The family laughs about it. Anyway, Ollie’s totally in love. He goes pretty much everywhere, and Ollie tells him pretty much everything. Mr. Fishy is a close second.

Oh, poor Ollie! Yesterday morning Nick went to get him when he woke up, and Nick took off Ollie’s jammies to change his diaper, and he had a tick on him! So we’re watching him really carefully. It was a deer tick, and definitely stuck in him. He has a little red spot there, but I’m so scared. I think I’ll call his doctor on Monday and see what she wants me to do. Last thing I want is for him to get really sick! I don’t know where that came from. It wasn’t on him before he went to bed, I know that for sure. I know sometimes Lucky will go back to Ollie’s room and curl up during the day – perhaps it came from him. Stupid ticks. You would think they would be dead this time of year, but we’re still finding them on the dogs.

Anyway, I do love babbling about nothing, and I’m sure there’s plenty more I can think of to say, but I’m going to go wash bottles. I have one left… all the rest are piled in the sink. And I think I’ll give Ollie a bath, too. Hopefully then he will crash for a little bit, so I can do the same.

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