Medical Terminology

Here’s your lesson for the day.

The prefix “dys” means “painful, difficult, or faulty”.

I remember this by thinking “difficult” and “Ollie”.  In other words, Ollie is “dys”.

I would not go so far as to say painful.  Faulty?  Perhaps Nick’s genes are just too strong in that boy…


Holy crap holy crap holy crap!

Wow, it’s been some crazy time since I’ve blogged.

First, the most exciting thing. I went to get the mail today, and my student loans were successfully consolidated into a program so that I can go back to school. Yippee-kyeyay!

I was running into town, and Nick was home with the contractors (more on that shortly), so I called him to tell him the good news. He was super excited, congratulated me, and then sternly informed me that if I didn’t finish a degree program he was going to kill me. Okay, I don’t think he actually threatened to kill me, but it was a threat of some sort.

It’s scary to me, like any commitment is. Not sure why I’m so terrified of commitment. I told myself today that I need to get the degree, and even if it’s not what I end up doing, at least I have a degree for cryin‘ out loud. Besides, a nursing degree right now would be fantastic, while the real estate market is poo.

To be honest, I’m selling stuff. I’m just making a LOT less money than last year. Instead of $130,000 houses, it’s $30,000 houses.

I’m also a little terrified, too, because not this semester, but some upcoming ones, I will just simply have to be away from Ollie. Working while he’s in school isn’t so bad, but before then… I just worry, and I miss him so bad. But it will be just half days, or two whole days a week… something not terrible. I just rarely go anywhere without him.

Anyway, I’m pretty pumped. Still debating programs. Now I’m thinking of just doing the Associate’s degree, then getting a job as an RN, and taking the ADNBSN classes at St. Scholastica’s St. Cloud campus. This way I’ll finish the BSN in 4.5 years, and will have a year’s worth of RN experience, so I can go straight to the University of Cincinnati for midwifery (or another midwifery school, but I’m thinking that’s the one for me….) and finish that in two years. Two and a half if I want the double certification.

Joslyn Panka, CNM, WHNP. Now how freakin‘ cool does THAT look? (Certified nurse midwife, women’s health nurse practitioner.)

Of course, Joslyn Panka, Realtor looks pretty spiffy, too. But I’m not giving up that title, either.

Anyway, so contractors. It has always seemed that we heat and heat and heat and this house never stays warm. Very frustrating. And as you know, heat costs are up. (Does anyone understand why gasoline has gone down in price but propane remains high? It dropped a little, but still…) So we had some testing and repairs done on the house. They fixed leaky duct work. (The duct ends at Ollie’s room, and there was a 2 inch hole in the duct work! We were literally heating the outdoors!) We sealed doors. We super insulated. (Our tub drain froze this weekend… cured!) We replaced a window pane. My house has been torn all apart to get to things, besides the fact that both mornings the contractors have shown up at 8 AM. Not such a big deal, except the traffic wakes Ollie, who normally sleeps until 10-10:30. So then I have super crabby dude on my hands, and I’m trying to keep him happier than normal because there’s people who probably don’t want to listen to super-lungs screaming every time I do something other than pay attention to him. Not fun, considering I’ve done 4 BPO’s in the last two days as well. I love the kid, I really do, but it is SO hard to get ANY work done some days. Some days I think I’m insane for trying to be a stay at home mommy and a full time working mommy at the same time. There should be some sort of special ceremony for those of us who do it, with a mini-break as a reward. Not that all other mommies don’t work hard, or deserve to be praised and rewarded, but oh man. Oh man.

Mr. Oliver. He is changing a little too fast for my liking. If he is anywhere near you and you attempt to drink something, he will grab it. At first it was just water, which I was fine with, but now he grabs any glass. He wants Nick’s coffee, my hot chocolate, my once-a-day orange soda… he’s insane! He also stares at you while you’re eating as if you are the worst person to ever walk the face of the Earth and he’s absolutely starving and WHY THE HELL ARE YOU NOT GIVING HIM ALL OF YOUR FOOD!?!?!?!?!?! It’s… stressful.

He’s mastered the hard stop in the jumper. Know what I’m talking about? Where he’s bouncing bouncing bouncing and all of a sudden he locks his legs up and STOPS. Just like that. It’s funny.

His 2nd foods are going well. Current favorite? Blueberries and apples.

He’s rolling. Purposely rolling. He rolled quite a few times after we brought him home from the hospital, but it wasn’t something he was TRYING to do. Now he’s doing it purposefully. He’s up on hands and knees, too.

I need to buy that gate… now.

He’s sitting up by himself when he’s awake and energetic. He gets “lazy” when he gets tired, won’t walk, jump, sit… but he fights sleep as hard as he possibly can. I beg and plead, because that one nap a day is a much needed break for me. I’m worried, though, because nap time is becoming later and later in the day. He generally is waking up around 5-5:30, and then going to bed at 7. This has happened before, and pretty soon naps merge with bedtime. I’m afraid that he’ll be going to bed at like 6 and sleeping until 10 in the morning. I love the long nights I have now, but I really need that break during the day to get things done.

Tonight was my company Christmas party. I just have to give some props. First of all, total props to Judy, but don’t you be using her as your Realtor! 🙂 for hosting us at her bed and breakfast. It was GORGEOUS, and always IS gorgeous. I want to go to there. (Did you see that episode of 30 Rock? Nick said it creeped him out because she sounds just like me when it comes to food. Someone mentions Outback Steakhouse and she goes into a trance and says “I want to go to there.” My new favorite phrase.)

A big THANK YOU to Pat, my broker, for the excellent food, catered by the Downtown Deli. I had chicken stuffed with tomatoes and bacon… it was to die for. There was salad and cake and buttered vegetables… it was DELICIOUS.

Not sure who sponsored the liquor… I have a feeling it was Judy, Dan, or both. But I appreciated the Pinot Grigio, White Zinfandel, and Bailey’s with dessert. My stomach, however, is rebelling approximately 6 hours later. It’s rumbling and I just kind of feel like puking. Of course, part of that could be the coffee that I put the Bailey’s in. Me and coffee just don’t mix.

And a big thank you to my whole office. Nearly everyone commented on my “great kid” who “never makes a peep” (HA! Come to our place!) and “should have been there tonight”. Judy says “I have a high chair here, and I got it out because I thought our youngest Realtor was coming, too!”

Nick and I sat with Karen Faust, Dick and Deb Schultz, Judy Tauber and Lee Olson. It was a great dinner with great friends. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and only had brief pangs where I missed Ollie terribly. I’m getting better… or was that distracted. Or just had that much White Zinfandel.

Omg, so it’s the next day, and I apparantly totally forgot to publish this. Oh well.

Ollie Update, and Oh What A Day.

I’ll give you the whole rundown of my day. Why not? You know you want to hear it.

Ollie had his four month appointment today, which of course means another round of shots. I wasn’t excited, because last time I started bawling, and Nick was with me. This time I was going alone. I was determined to be strong, though.

Just when I was ready to leave home, I got a very exciting email saying that a property that went to auction last week didn’t sell, and I was going to get to list it. You have no idea how happy I was. This particular property I know I’ve mentioned before – I’ve been driving by it for the bank (unpaid) for like a year and a half. It’s excellent that I have the chance to possibly break even on all the money spent running up there every week.

The drive was decent. Ollie slept. I stressed, fantasized, wished that the spring semester would just START already, because the sooner it starts, the sooner I will be off to grad school, which is horribly exciting in itself. I read a lot on the Frontier School of Midwifery last night. It’s almost all distance learning, short of like two weeks I’d have to spend in Kentucky (not consecutive.) If you have midwives working locally, you can ask them to be your practicum leaders. How awesome would it be to work with Susan and Rhonda?

Anyway, got to CMC, and headed inside. While sitting in the waiting room, a pregnant girl and her significant other walked by the waiting area. I couldn’t help but smile. Other than Ollie, that was the one sincere smile today. I can’t wait to be a midwife.

We played all kinds of games while waiting. I did chest lifts with him, we played with Spongebob and his keys, he pretended I was his jumper, and we played peek-a-boo. It was really nice to have 10 minutes where I didn’t have to worry about a phone, laundry, dishes, bottles, or anything else… it was just us. Got in, answered all the developmental questions, and meanwhile Ollie was super hyper because he had slept the whole way down. So while I answered questions, I paced back and forth, letting Ollie walk the room. I must have looked like a nutcase.

We got the clear for 2nd foods, still introducing one thing at a time. Unbelieveable. He weighs 19 lbs. 13oz, so he hasn’t gained hardly any weight. (Last weight was a month ago, 19 lbs. 8 oz.) However, he’s grown like an inch and a quarter. The nurse said he was probably working it off walking around all the time. 🙂 Amy and I discussed Ollie’s sleep habits, and she politely informed me that I may want to avoid mentioning them to other mothers with infants, because I may get beat up.

Then it was time for shots. Jessie held Ollie down herself, and I just leaned down next to his head and talked to him. The first stab he looked confused. The second he started to cry. The third he turned purple and let out his famous blood-curdling howl. She band-aided him, and I whisked him up and into my arms. I bought a bottle into his line of sight, and all woes were forgotten. My kid likes food.

We waited for 20 minutes or so until Amy could come back and check me out. I’ve had a headache for seven days, and my migraine medication isn’t doing anything except temporarily dulling the pain and making me sleepy. We determined that there’s something going on on my left side, because those pressure points hurt the most. So I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing on my left side that is causing those issues. She thought it was a combination of extra stress/tension on the left side and postpartum hormonal changes. She also recommended that I visit with Susan or Rhonda and switch my birth control. So I made an appointment with Rhonda for next week.

Off to Target to pick up the muscle relaxant I’m supposed to take every night for a month to try to relax. Shopping is such hard work now. I pull into the parking lot next to a cart corral. I take a cart and set up Ollie’s seat cover. Then I place a couple blankets on either side, his diaper bag hangs from the handle, my purse shoved inside the cart somewhere. Then, finally, I add Ollie who I cover with a blankt and play peek-a-boo with until we get inside.

So we’re cruising the store, and I’m walking down the center aisle. I see another couple coming straight at me. He’s pushing the cart, she’s walking in front of it. She looks right at me – we make eye contact. I know she can see me. Right when we are about to pass, she suddenly dodges right in front of me, hitting my cart head on. I stopped, shocked, and began to apologize. She GLARED at me, (even though I honestly did NOTHING wrong!) and then turned to her husband and started angrily signing, and he was signing back, and they kept pointing at me. I have no idea what that was all about, but I got out of there quickly. Either they were calling me names that shouldn’t be said aloud anyway, or they were plotting my death. It certainly did not seem friendly, and certainly more than a little odd.

God, I wish I had stayed in ASL.

Anyway, it wasn’t a pleasant experience, but I went on my way. Got to the pharmacy and they had my old insurance information. Gave them my new insurance, and the computers for my new insurance were down. Paid cash, because I needed that muscle relaxant, and I only had two days of birth control left. I love Ollie, I loved pregnancy, but I’m not ready for another one.

On that note, I would say I’m now officially to the point where I just can’t comprehend how you have room in your heart to love another one. It’s very strange. I love Ollie SOOOOO much… it seems impossible to feel that way about another person, too.

Anyway, so on to Walmart. I’m there, and standing in line at customer service, and this creepy guy keeps staring at me and Ollie. I do my best to ignore him. Finally he comes over and says “I just want you to know that you have a beautiful baby.” I wanted to run away screaming. It was just very strange.

I trot through the store, picking up groceries, and am so ready to be done by the time I get up front. I pay for everything and head for the door. Of course – OF COURSE – the alarm goes off. I stop for a second, trying to figure out what I had that would set it off. I only bought groceries. Then it dawned on me. My “purse”, a large, briefcase style bag that houses extra diapers, toys, my wallet, and anything else I could possibly need, was currently the cozy home for two movies from Coborn’s and two CD’s from the library. I took out the movies, while an old lady came up to watch the door greeter and I. I still set the alarm off. I took out the CD’s, handed them to the greeter, and walked through again. All clear. The door greeter says “okay, that’s fine.” and hands them back to me. I’m just about to turn around and walk out when the old lady FLIPS OUT. She starts screaming “That’s it!?!?!? You’re just going to let her walk out with stolen goods? Aren’t you going to check her bags? She’s got that big diaper bag there, too! What about her bags? What about in with that baby, under the seat?”

I could not believe what was happening. The door greeter stared at her, then glanced at me. I said “well, when you were holding my library CD’s and my rental movies I didn’t set the alarm off….”, now feeling about 2 inches tall.

The door greeter shrugs and walks away. I rush out the door, crazy old lady on my tail, following me through the parking lot, screeching and glaring. I zig-zagged through a bunch of cars and she finally stopped following me.

Do these things happen to other people? Or is it just me? I was SO embarrassed. I know I’ll never leave rental movies in my diaper bag again! I was hurt and offended and angry and in shock. I still am.

I was so glad to get home. Fed Ollie some sweet potatoes. He loves the orange veggies, but has no use for green ones. I don’t understand him. I don’t like sweet potatoes, and carrots aren’t my favorite, but I LOVE green beans and peas. Weird kid. After that we played on the living room floor. Finally I pulled him to my lap when Nick brought me a few slices of pizza. (Turkey pizza, great way to use up leftovers!) I finished my pizza, and grabbed my glass of water. Yesterday Ollie kept reaching for my glass and I finally let him tip it towards his mouth and get a little water. Today he was CRAZY. He kept grabbing it and pulling it towards him, and he’d take a drink, swallow, and then pull it towards him again. He’d make this funny face everytime from the cold, but he just kept doing it over and over again. I laughed, but figured a little water wouldn’t hurt him. I wish I had got it on film. Will have to try to next time.

So at least the day ended well, with laughter and fun with Ollie. And my muscles are feeling fairly relaxed, so it should be a good night, too. 🙂

Oh For Cryin’ Out Loud

So earlier I wrote what could easily be published as a novel. I was releasing emotions, I was expressing opinions, and I was kind of down.

Then, for some crazy reason, I get a pop up that says “Are you sure you want to navigate from this page? If not, hit cancel”. So I hit cancel.

It takes me to the dashboard.

No worries! Blogger autosaves my drafts, right???


Apparantly this particular blog was not worth saving. (Although it’s autosaving this one.)

You know how you call someone, and you are talking, and you finally just go off and start going on and on about something, only to find out that one of you lost your signal and you’ve been talking to no one for 5 minutes? Then you feel all unresolved, and you debate whether it’s worth the whole deal again or not, but you didn’t actually get to vent, so you are still not satisfied?

That’s how I feel.

So I can remember some of the things I covered. I was expressing feelings. I remember that. So I’ll start there.

I’m feeling down tonight. Perhaps it is that I’m exhausted. Perhaps it’s because a certain real estate agent feels the need to make me feel inferior and like I don’t work, even though I’ve outsold this person two years in a row. Maybe it’s the fears about going back to school. Stress over a math test (never EVER a good thing for me.). The doubts that run through my mind about Ollie and if I’m doing a good job as a mom, and what the effects of him always being with me are. For some reason I’m terrified that we are together too much. Will I be one of those moms who bawls when he starts kindergarden? Or will I have to fight to not home school him for my own selfish reasons? Am I creating a “clingy” child? He goes everywhere with me, and if he can’t, I don’t have much use for it. (Makes going to school a little harder…) Will I ever be able to leave him without feeling like I might throw up?

I know the answer to that question. Eventually, yes, I will be able to leave him. I was even that way with Nick. When he went back to California to get his stuff, he was gone for a month. When he got back, he moved into his apartment in Brooklyn Park. I went down to visit from Duluth. I didn’t go back. I couldn’t. The thought of being away from him for who knows how long made me feel like I was going to die. Would I have actually died? Probably not. But it was worth it. A distance relationship for two years would not have been pleasant. Of course we were both young and stupid. He insisted on going to “the best” welding school, only to discover that he hated welding. I was happy at UMD… when he was around. If he would have gone to school in Duluth/Superior, I think life would have been good, and I think we both would have college degrees right now. Then again, I kind of think that teaching music is not for me. I find those who do it because their parents make them or they want to go on a band trip more than infuriating. I take it a little too seriously to be teaching it, I guess.

School is terrifying, but I’m motivated. I have so many different reasons to be. From the severe lack of money and hope of money in this household, to the economy, to wanting Ollie to have a way to go to college, to wanting Nick to be able to farm, to wanting to change the world (I always have that goal…), to loving women’s rights, to being passionate about choices during labor. I could go on and on. Not that I hate real estate, but this market is going to be down for a while. I might as well do something like go to school with some serious federal grants instead of sitting on my butt waiting for the day years from now that I can effortlessly make money in real estate. And sure, it’s not all about money. But I’m not going to lie – I had such a large negative amount of income last year it’s pathetic. This year will be better, because I am not paying RE/MAX $1,500 a month in fees, but it’s still pathetic.

Yet I’m terrified. I’m terrified that I’m not smart enough. I’m worried that time will be an issue. I’m not patient, and have to be careful not to overload myself like I have in the past. (You know I was taking 26 credits at UMD? Yeah…) I’m worried time will get away from me, and a six year degree will take much longer. I’m worried about getting into nursing programs. I’m worried about getting a job. Let’s say I get in with a hospital, but am the only midwife. That’s quite a burden to take on… on call 24/7. And can I really give proper care when the full moon comes around and everyone starts rushing into the hospital? (Any midwife will tell you that a full moon sends women into labor… I’ve read it like 6 different places now, besides the fact that it happened with me. I was the start of a string of 18 women to give birth in less than 3 days during a full moon. It was INSANE.)

That’s the hard part about being a midwife. In Cambridge, anyway, they stay with the woman the entire time they are in labor. What do you do when you have more than one? I should ask Rhonda. I’m sure they’ve had more than two in at a time before…

I’m also concerned that I won’t like it once I get into it. But I’m trying to figure out the worst part. Amniotic fluid isn’t scary. Nor is blood. And once you’ve been through labor, it’s all so minor and normal, you really don’t care that if it was a flesh wound, you’d probably be dead by now. (At least that’s what I kept thinking when I was in labor. Not sure how I lived through that!)

This career path could mean so much for this family. I would get to do something awesome that I want to do. Nick would get to farm and be home when the kids got off the bus. Ollie and his siblings would have money for college. And maybe, just maybe, we could afford to keep the thermostat above 55 degrees. (Ollie’s room is always 72, and whatever room he is in is kept warm, too. It’s just the rest of the house that’s freezing ass cold.)

Well, even though this wasn’t as in depth or as long, I feel better. Besides, I just found 41 infected cookies on my computer. Fantastic. Some of them appear to be from those survey/ad things to get more bingo credits. Lesson learned. A few of them are from blogs and statcounter… which pisses me off. WTF is statcounter doing giving me infected cookies? Not sure about the other ones. Some may be attempted theme/ringtone downloads for my Blackberry. Stupid forums.

So I need to be more careful. Will do.

I have to pee. Goodnight folks.

Look At Me! I Can Do A Two Year Degree in Four Years!

If you know me, and you’ve seen me get serious about planning something, you know I do my research first.

So when I started researching the whole idea of becoming a nurse-midwife, I knew I wanted to attack the program as intelligently as possible, making the most of my time and efforts. After a month of late LATE nights, I thought I had it figured out. Sure, I was still flexible, but my ideal plan was:

  1. Attend Anoka Ramsey, Cambridge, and earn the two year associates RN degree.
  2. Attend St Cloud State, U of M, Duluth, Superior – somewhere within driving distance – for my BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing)
  3. Attend the U of M for my master’s certificate in midwifery

I figured by starting small, after two years I could work part time making good money, while still going to school. At that point Nick could possibly take his position to part time, meaning I work on weekends, and during the week we do work/school trade-off with Ollie. (And potential other little ones…) Once I get to a certain point during the master’s, most of my work is tele-learning and clinicals, so a little more flexible. So really, I figured those two years between the RN and the BSN were going to be the hardest. Anyway, I had a plan – a fairly good plan, or so I thought.

I went to talk to an advisor today. I had heard “through the grapevine” that you needed to do all your generals before you could even apply to the nursing program. I thought my grapevine was on crack, because I looked over the program layout on the website and in the nursing handbook over and over and over again. It is laid out in 4 semesters, with the generals sprinkled throughout the plan.

So I start talking to her, and she says “Let me show you something”. She pulls out their nursing program entrance rubric. You earn points based on certain things. I’m sure at one point the goal was to make sure people who had applied more than once got in eventually, but boy have they screwed that system up.

First of all, at the Cambridge campus, the nursing program only begins in the spring each year. So one start. For this coming spring, 199 students applied for the nursing program. (196 met all prereqs. Woo hoo – 3 down!)

They accept 36. 36. No lie. I’m like “dude, don’t you think you should do something about that?” Coon Rapids has about the same number of applicants, but spring and fall starts, and they accept about 56 students each semester. At least they seem to be TRYING.

So, the averages for the applicants are as follows:

  • GPA of 3.46
  • ACT Score of 23
  • 24 of the 28 general credits completed
  • 100% completed Anatomy and Physiology I
  • 96% completed Anatomy and Physiology II

So why is this a problem, you ask? The way the program is set up, you need four semesters of nursing.

You do the math.

The advisor said that if I started now, I would graduate in 2012, assuming I got in the first time I applied.

Good grief. It takes me from January 2009 to December 2012 to earn a two year degree? What’s wrong with this picture?

In my case, she recommended just going straight to a 4 year program, or doing generals there if the program I were going to transfer to would allow (apparently some colleges demand you start the nursing program as a freshman.) and then transferring out.

Okay, so if I was going to go for a BSN degree now, where would I go? Probably St. Cloud State. (It will be weird to be there for something other than band camp or state music auditions.)

So I start doing all my research again. Their program is much more intelligent, and similar to how the Anoka Ramsey program has become, except you get a BACHELOR’S DEGREE instead.

So there are a few flaws. Cambridge requires Principles of Biology and Principles of Chemistry, but now Chem has become a prereq for Bio. (Seriously? The high schools better suck that up. I tried to tell them YEARS ago that it made more sense to take Chem first. Thank GOD Elk River let me take Chem my sophomore year… and then I didn’t take Bio…. hahahahahaha.) However, St. Cloud state has 2 Chem requirements, but they are far more specific than good ol‘ Principles of Chem. So Principles of Chem is a waste of my time, but I can’t take Principles of Bio without it, and I need Principles of Bio to get into Anatomy and Physiology. Stupid.

So I began to contemplate enrolling in TWO colleges. St. Cloud State offers the Chem classes ONLINE, with 3-4 lab days on Saturdays throughout the semester. Seems smart. It sucks, because I need to get them done so I can start A&P ASAP. Goal right now is to be a pre-nursing student at St Cloud State for the smallest time possible, and starting the nursing program itself spring of 2011. That will put me graduating summer of 2013. Wow, one extra semester between an associates and a bachelor’s. I’m now beginning to think that the nursing students at Anoka Ramsey are idiots, because they could make so much more money with just one more semester of classes.

Anyway, SCSU doesn’t offer Bio online, and Anoka Ramsey does. You just have to sign up for a regular lab, which isn’t such a big deal. But I can’t get into Bio until I’ve taken Chem, and SCSU doesn’t make me take basic chem, so I’m just going to have to talk to someone about that. I would think if I took the Chemistry for Health Sciences class at SCSU, someone would surely see my reasoning and let me enroll for Bio @ Anoka Ramsey.

Anyway, so now I have new things to figure out. That’s good, though. It gives me something to do with my time.

Laughing At Ollie

Ah, it’s morning. That fun time where I have no energy (I’m still sick), and Ollie has enough for both of us.

Right now I’m eating breakfast, which consists of chips and dip. Yeah, I know, that’s not breakfast food, and certainly not a meal. I’m sick. I don’t really care. Unless it can be made in 5 minutes or less, I’m not interested. I thought about making a couple eggs, but then I wouldn’t have any for egg drop soup, which I’ve been craving but didn’t want for breakfast.

Anyway, we’re missing the point.

I’m sitting here with Ollie on my lap, munching on the occasional chip, and every time I bring a chip towards my mouth, he opens his mouth anxiously. He’s so funny. I don’t think so, Ollie!

In other Oliver related news, yesterday I attempted to put his shoes on him when we were leaving. He wore them last Thursday, but in that short amount of time his feet have grown enough that I couldn’t even pretend to get the shoes on his feet. Those are 2.5’s. I’m thinking I might want to consider 4’s. We’ll have to look at Target tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’m going down to Cambridge to meet with an advisor at Anoka Ramsey. I’m kind of nervous. I have all these emotions. Doubt in myself being number one. Then the realization that if I do go back to school, I might have to leave Ollie for more than 4 hours, which is the most I’ve ever been away from him. I know there are some moms out there who are either hating me right now, or are saying “big deal, get over it”, but it’s different, and it’s scary. Nick has the whole “we’ll work everything out” attitude. It’s funny, because normally I’m the one that rushes into things and deals with the plan later, but apparently not about school or marriage.

Ick. Chips are disgusting for breakfast, and are hurting my throat. I wonder if we have ramen.

Boy, is Ollie changing fast. I just put him in his Johnny Jump Up, and he let out a HUGE squeal and started jumping like a maniac. He’s so fun anymore. He wants to walk around all the time (hard on my back, but still fun.), he loves his jumper, he will stop crying when he hears a bottle being shaken… just so much has changed. The things I really love to experience every day:

  • “Good morning Ollie!” every morning, where he then squeals, kicks and flails his arms around like crazy, and then starts talking. This is usually followed by his weak attempt at the word “hungry”, which sounds like “ungee, ungee, ungee, ungee, ungee, ungee“. I’m pretty sure he has no clue what he is saying, but it’s funny because he actually is.
  • Cereal and applesauce. He doesn’t like his peas at all…. so we’ll try carrots soon.
  • Night time. His pitiful cooing when he’s tired always makes me laugh. I do worry that we are starting a whining habit, but then I look at it like he’s not necessarily whining, but trying to sing. When I coo along, he calms down and continues, and we coo together, usually following a pretty consistent pattern.
  • “I’m Gonna Get You” Nothing makes him squirm and smile like a threat…
  • The LAUGH. I live for the full out laugh. The “ha ha ha ha ha” one. I get lots of “ha”s and smiles, but when I get that laugh, I just melt. I hope no one ever tells him that crying might not get him his way, but his laugh will.
  • The “mom’s holding me up so I’ll jump move” He just started this. He loves to walk around, but now when I’m helping him balance, he likes to start jumping like he’s in his jumper. Goofy dude.

It’s funny, because simply daily things can stop you in your tracks and blow your mind. Watching him grow is just the best thing ever.

Do you blame me for not wanting to miss a day?

In other news, Ellaina’s mom (Ellaina was born August 6th, so a week after Ollie. And they really like each other. They have some pretty good conversations. And “Ellie and Ollie” sounds soooooooooo cute, doesn’t it?) Anyway, Sandra is starting a photography business, and wants to use some shots of Ollie as advertisement. How coolio is that? Ollie’s going to be a model!

Boy, a model is one thing I never expected to have in a kid of mine.

I have a closing today, wrote an offer yesterday… it’s a good week so far. Working on an offer for one of my sellers too. Just finished some crazy BPO’s, too. Money is flowing….

Anyway, Ollie’s falling asleep, which means I need to jump in the shower and wash bottles. What an exciting life I lead!

Just Another Manic Monday…

And tomorrow’s Tuesday. Ahhh, joy. House is on.
Yes, for those of you who don’t know, at 6:45 on Tuesday nights, my cell phone and my laptop make beautiful little noises, because I have House programmed into my Outlook.
I’m totally serious.
Today I just fought with banks. And fought. And fought some more. I can’t seem to get paid $125 that I’m owed for a BPO (Broker Price Opinion) and CFK (Cash for keys) that I did well over a month ago. Actually, I first contacted them the day after I got out of the hospital with Ollie, so it’s been 2.5 months, really.
That makes me mad.
The same bank owes Nick $160 for his rekey and secure of the property. Nick does all my rekeys. Then I know it gets done, and he doesn’t charge people outrageous amounts, like some of the locksmiths do. I have had too many where the bank refused to pay because it was so pricey, and I was stuck with the bill. No thanks!
I took a picture of one that I have to drive by on a regular basis. Oh how fun. Still occupied, but by who we don’t know, since I found an obit for the owner (single lady) in an April edition of the Times. Fantastic.
I cannot get my asset managers to respond to me. I’ve got two properties that I want on the market YESTERDAY, and for whatever reason they are dinking around and I’m getting really frustrated, besides the fact that I’m dealing with one in Isle that’s supposed to be auctioned, and I haven’t heard anything on that one, either.
I had a minor blow up today dealing with one bank in particular, which prompted an angry email sent to Nick which read something like this:
“I am sick of this GD bank Sh!T. I can’t take it anymore. I am going to back to school. For nursing. I am going to become a midwife. I’m going to get a good job, and we ARE NEVER GOING TO WORRY ABOUT MONEY AGAIN.”
Okay, so maybe I had lost it a little, and everyone worries about money at one point or another. But I work my ass off for these banks, and one of two things happens.
1. I represent the bank. I list the property. Some poor soul purchases it. They then realize the house is crap (most of them seem to be.) with a bad (insert favorite critical part of house here. My favorites are furnaces, foundations, mold problems, frozen pipes, etc.) that costs them lots of money to fix. Even though I wasn’t their agent, they still wish I would crawl in a hole and die, because I “should have told them”. Even though there is no way for me to know, and I’m just a real estate agent, not an inspector/contractor. I write up paperwork. I don’t know jack squat about furnaces/foundations/mold/plumbing.
2. I represent the buyer. I sell a bank owned property. They then realize the house is crap (most of them seem to be.) with a bad (insert favorite critical part of house here.) that costs them lots of money to fix. This time I was their agent, but they still wish I would crawl in a hole and die, because I “should have told them”. Even though there is no way for me to know, and I’m just a real estate agent, not an inspector/contractor. I write up paperwork. I don’t know jack squat about furnaces/foundations/mold/plumbing.
In the meantime, I’m driving all over a five county area, taking pictures of houses in foreclosure, and knocking on doors and telling people they need to move out. I hate that. I understand they haven’t made their payments. I don’t know whose fault it is. It doesn’t matter. I STILL HATE DOING IT.
Especially when kids are involved. I’m sick of making kids homeless.
In Ollie news, we ate cereal twice today. He also really seemed to figure out the whole raspberry blowing thing, and proceeded to do it all day long, even while eating cereal both times. Oh well. I brilliantly went over to mom’s for the first cereal feeding, so she’s the one that had to clean it off the floors this morning. (Eh, I think I actually did.) I’m seriously lacking in the sock department for him. He has ginormous feet. (Nick says “You know what they say about guys with huge feet….. they need huge shoes.”) I have one pair that is too small, but they are Old Navy ones, 0-6 month, that have the grippy bottoms. This is freakin’ genius. Ollie spends a lot of his day walking around. He’s happiest if he can stand or walk. I love the grippies. Then he doesn’t slide around on the tile, which makes my life 2 million times easier, because I’m not trying to hold him up and keep him from sliding. I approve.
So every month he moves up a size. What size is he going to wear when he’s 1? Good God. I mean, I know he has to stop sometime, but I see no sign of that happening any time soon.
Boy did Gus’ confirmation tucker him out yesterday! He fell asleep at 7 over at my parents. We brought him home around 9 and I changed him into a night time diapie (we do Pampers at night for my super pee-er.) and pj’s, and he went right back to sleep. He slept until 8 this morning, then proceeded to eat 8 oz. of formula and fall right back asleep until 11:30.
Very nice. I slept all morning, too. It’s way too easy to snuggle up with him.
Yay. Tonight’s writing was productive. I feel more relaxed and more able to fall asleep. After I play FB Bingo, of course. Last night totally kicked ass. I started with two cards, and won both of them. Then I kept doing 2 cards, and for 5 games in a row I won both cards every single time. Very odd.
Now I’ll go weeks without winning I suppose.
To all a goodnight. (Or day, because after all, it is almost 1 AM, and most sane people are asleep right now.)

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