Back off, mom!

We stopped at a park today while I was touring the state of Minnesota to eat some Subway and burn some energy. After we filled our tummies, we went to play. Nick encouraged Ollie to try to walk across these:

Apparently I’m paranoid. But I do know better. I was hovering. He was clinging for life, scared to try to move from one hanging platform to the next, and I was instructing, cheering, reaching out…

And Nick said “Back off, mommy. You need to let him do it.”

I shrunk away, knowing he was right (must let that preschooler discover he can do things instead of instilling doubt in him!), but still just wanting to help so much.

And you know what? He made it. He did it, all by himself, which prompted me to jump around like an idiot in the middle of the park and then bust into a quick rendition of “We Did It!” from Dora. Wow, how my life has changed.

Anyway, play resumed, and I quickly found myself at the top of a platform that Ollie was climbing to. I rushed over to get this shot:

I’m not kidding you, as the shutter clicked, he was saying “You need to back off mommy and let me do it myself!”

It’s a sad day.


Why I Have Resumed Locking My Kid Up At Night

My Wednesday was eventful.  I was woken from my sleep semi-early for my kid – a little before 7, and his little 2 and a half year old brown eyes were just beaming at me.  I slid out of bed reluctantly, and began the morning routine of milk, cereal, and then preparing a bottle for Emmie.  I set the table for Ollie, and heard his sister making noise in her room, so I head towards the hallway to go get her for breakfast. 

I stopped, slightly confused when my foot went ‘squish’.

I panicked when I heard water rushing.

I screamed for my husband when I saw water pouring – and I mean POURING – out from underneath the closed bathroom door. 

I whipped open the door, honestly expecting an overflowing toilet, but was greeted by an overflowing sink, with the faucet on full blast.  And a ton of water.  TONS.

The good part for my son is that we were so freaked out and worried about what to do, that we didn’t have time to get really mad at him.  He got off kind of easy, considering the circumstances.

Further examination showed that Ollie decided to brush his teeth before waking us up.  He dropped the cap of his toddler toothpaste down the drain, which competely blocked it.  He also at some point squirted the entire tube worth of toothpaste down the drain, as well.  Then he decided to try to pull the cap out, which resulted in him breaking the whole drain assembly.

He then left the water running, for whatever reason that probably made some kind of crazy sense in a toddler’s head, and then shut the door, so mom would never know what happened…. right?


I’ve never been more thankful that I bought a Bissell carpet shampooer a few years ago after a closing.  We started with that, sucking up as much water as we could out of the carpet.  I think if there was one thing we did wrong, it was worrying more about the carpet in the hallway than the bathroom, because the water poured down the heat duct in there.  Because our house is on a crawl space (no basement), we now have a boatload of insulation that pretty much froze instantly, because it was -20 degrees and the water leaked out somewhere in a joint.  Fantastic.

Anyway, we pulled the carpet up after we got it somewhat dry (and I should add that I wash my carpets regularly, but a “deep clean” by flooding results in some SERIOUSLY dirty carpet water) and discovered linoleum underneath, which made us feel a little better.  The subflooring is okay!  Luckily we acted fast enough on most of it that other than replacing some insulation, a drain assembly, and maybe some carpet, we’re going to be okay.

We did estimate that we pulled approximately 12 gallons of water out of the carpet with the shampooer before we pulled the carpet up.

I learned a very important lesson.  A door knob safety cover on the inside of my son’s door is a necessity.  Who knows what else he would do in the middle of the night!

I guess potty priviledges at night have been revoked.  (And I was totally stoked about his progress in that!)

My Kid Ain’t No Dummy!

In the last two weeks, I’ve been slightly concerned with the activities my son has been partaking in.

Monday morning I woke up to a strange noise.  I walked out into the living room to find Ollie standing on a kitchen chair that he pushed over to the thermostat, thermostat open, trying to pull the batteries out.

Then began the goldfish wars.  Since his sister now eats well out of a snack cup, I give them each a snack cup in the afternoons.  Ollie snorfs his food down like he’s never eaten before, and Emmie eats slowly, one piece at a time. 

Tuesday afternoon Ollie decided that he would try to just switch snack cups with her.  I caught him in the act.

Wednesday afternoon he took both lids off, and was dumping her goldfish into his bowl.  I again caught him.  Yet he acted so innocent.

Thursday he was clever at daycare.  I didn’t hear any entire stories, just that he was “busy” all day.

Today, however, takes the cake.  I went walking past the dining room table and suddenly noticed it was covered in pink marker scribblings.  Ollie has a few Crayolas, but I don’t know when or how he got it out, much less colored the table.  I have yet to figure out how some of this stuff happens in the few moments that I look away – but he’s sure getting better at it!

I wiped up the table and Nick pulled in.  I told him what happened, and he immediately kneeled down by Ollie to ask him where the marker was.  There was a lot of shuffling, a lot of attempting to distract us, and he tried to convince us that the marker was in a number of different places.  Finally he pointed to the couch cushion and said “in there”. 

First we lifted the couch.  Not there.  He pointed again to the end of the couch cushion and said “in there”.  Yet it wasn’t there.  Nick started searching the couch, and found the marker finally buried between the center back cushion and the other cushions, cap off – and it was pink.

He scares me.  He really scares me.

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