All The Things I’m Going to Do After I Finish This Semester

Burn my A&P book.  (Okay, not really, because I actually kind of like it.  We have established a relationship now.)

Apply for the nursing program (FINALLY!!!!)

Get my CNA.

Do my real estate continuing ed like a good real estate agent. 

Clean my bathroom until it is SPOTLESS.  This means a good hour + of scrubbing tub, shower, and sink.  SPOTLESS. 

Clean my office until it is spotless.

Get rid of a ton of shit that just sits around this house and I’m sick of.

Post the kid’s old clothes I’m getting rid of on

Get my stupid file cabinet out of Emmie’s room and into the newly clean office.

Convince Nick to get rid of his ginormous computer monitor that he doesn’t use.  Seriously, what’s the point dude?

Shampoo carpets.

Read a book.  Any book that I don’t HAVE to learn anything from.  (I’m willing to learn, just don’t want the pressure of NEEDING to learn from it.)

Paint Emmie’s room.

Paint Ollie’s room.

Get a new window since I have some ghost or something breaking mine.

Do a ton of BPO’s.  Hey, I can hope.

Close some houses for some AWESOME clients!  Woo hoo!

Bake something.

Cook something.

Start a 9 credit summer semester.


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